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Vomit With Blood

Assalam alaikum dr. I am a patient of continuous stomach burning, nausea , some times stomach swelling... i had vomit with blood on friday night for the first time ever, since then m continuously feeling nausea and slightly burning...


Swear Gastric Issues

I offten feel swear gastric problems due to which I feel nausea and heart burn some times blood pressure lower downs due to nausea, and some times eye focus disturbance.


Anal Problem

Since last 4 to 5 weeks, I feel irritation, itching and burning sensation during and after passing stool (poty) at anal opening although stool is normal. This situation persists 3 to 4 hours. In this regard I prevent from eating spi...


Inactivated Hepatitis B

The patient was diagnosed with INACTIVATED hepatitis B 4 years back. The recent LFT test is attached. Just wanted to know if the virus is still there??


Heartache With Stomach

sir ! i have stomach problem from 5 years stomach burden no feeling hungry lost of weight and some time heartache or burden.i visited many doctors but no one satisfied me what connection have heartache with stomach problem,some ti...


H.Pylori Positive

A.O.A My H.Pylori are Positive but i didn't take any medications for this problem. Can you tell me best treatment for H.Pylori and how many days take medicines for this problem. Thanks


Pelvic Pain

Aoa I have 24 year old unmarried. Patient of diabties.Meriii prblm ye haii k kuch days sa mujy abdomen pain hootii haii aur phr din ma ek 2 dafa loose motion atay haii and pain khana khany sa pahly baad ma kbii b start hoo jatii hai...


Halitosis( Bad Breath) + H.Pylori Positive

Sir i have bad breath problem for 15 years. I don't know what to do.i'm so embarrassed talking to people face to face for this problem. Sometimes i feel my own smell and other thing is my H.Pylori also Positive. Please help me.


Abdomen Pain

aoa sir i live in jeddah 2 months before i felt pain in my abdomen this was pain was not at a fix point but somehow here and there in abdomen i went a hospital and doctor told me it is ulcer he gave me antibiotics but not releif th...

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