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Neuro Physician


rite side body got paralysd

Neuro Physician


I feel headache in the morning mostly about 1 year ago and it went away for 3-4 month,, now am getting headache in different day time, The pain usually which i felt on right side of forehead.. what should i do?

Neuro Physician

Neck And Lung Pain

hi doctor. i am a patient of chronic left maxillary sinusitis. but now a days i am experiencing pain in the neck only to the right of trachea...that radiates from the neck region to the right lung at apex and somewhat at the back of...

Neuro Physician

Stroke Patient

No movement in fingers nor I can uplift my arm straightly upward.

Neuro Physician

Neck Pain And Stiffness

Assalamualaikum! I want to ask about mother. She is suffering from extreme severe neck pain and muscle spasm since last 4 months. The doctors have diagnosed cervical facet arthropathy. They say there is only supportive treatment for...

Neuro Physician

Paralyze Patient

please suggest the doctor to paralyze and heart patient.

Neuro Physician


Im a mother of a two years old. An engineer who has worked for four years, three years ago. I have been forgetting things lately and i think it is not just because i'm a mother. For example i have to change my passwords every time i...

Neuro Physician

Mid Pain In Right Side Of Head With Numbness

I am feeling minor pain in my right side of head. Feeling right side numb. I am feeling all this since last night.

Neuro Physician


my younger brother had a colostomy surgery in 2011 since then he is facing severe epilepsy problem. he is taking epival 250 mg twice daily but problem still there. he has some intestinal issues for which he has to go through anesthe...

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