Dr. Wajiha Waqar Cardiologist Rawalpindi

Dr. Wajiha Waqar

Cardiologist, Family Medicine - ماہر امراض دل

MBBS, MCPS (Family Medicine), Dip. Card


15 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Dr. Wajiha Waqar

Asking For Self, Male 35

Severe Acid Reflux/Chest Burn

Since 14 days, I have been suffering with severe chest burn, and i always feel thirsty. i drink water all the time now. sometimes middle of chest some time right upper side of the chest. pain or burning. My ECG is clear. First i too...

Asking For Self, Male 33

Heart Palpitations

Aslam o Alaikum.. Male , Age 33 Years Having an issue of heart palpitations from the last one year. All the tests are clear including all types of blood tests, thyroid and ECG,Echo,ETT, 48 hour Holter Monitor. The doctor diagnosed...

Asking For Father, Male 50

Heart Patient/weak Heart Working 25 Percent

heart patient/as per cardio dr. heart is week 25 per working but now father breathing very fast he is facing breathing problem can't take breath easily does anybody guide or prescribe some breathing control medicine this time Asap