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Best Allergy Specialists In Karachi - 2 Practicing Allergy Specialists

An allergist is a physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. (description credits, Wikipedia). They are qualified to treat and diagnose allergies such as hay fever, food allergies, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, and types of sinus and ear infections. Allergy specialists also deal with asthma and asthma-related allergies.

Allergists help people treat or prevent their allergy problems If you're suffering from any allergies or diseases like asthma, you should consult an allergy specialist.

When visiting an allergy specialist, one should be prepared to answer a few detailed questions about your common allergic symptoms. 

Allergy specialists also perform some tests to identify specific allergens.

Testing may include:

  • Blood tests
  • Patch tests
  • Skin tests
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Nasal smears

These tests typically use very small amounts of allergens to determine which allergens can trigger an immune response.

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Allergy Specialist in Karachi - Dr. Azmat Hussain

Dr. Azmat Hussain

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Allergy Specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the best Allergy Specialists by booking your appointment, or by online consultation or you can call the doctor now also you can meet them by viewing their practice details on respective profiles of best Allergy Specialists - View Available Doctors here.

1 Top available today doctors are:

View all available today qualified Allergy Specialists available in karachi at Marham.pk

The fee range of Allergy Specialists in karachi varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

Allergy Specialists specialists provide the best services and treat issues like

Asthma, Drug Allergy, Latex Allergy, Allergic Rhinitis, Acute Bronchitis, Acute Sinusitis, Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Anaphylaxis, Atopic Dermatitis, Chronic Sinusitis, Congenital Anomalies Of The Heart,

Marham never charges any extra hidden amount. The consultation fee is charged by the doctors and you only have to pay what is displayed on our website.

Your first appointment with Allergy Specialist will probably take 30-60 minutes. They’ll ask you about your symptoms, medical history, and any treatments you’ve tried. Other visits could be shorter.

Allergy Specialists usually do these tests to identify allergies such as
 - Pollen
- Mould
- Pet dander
- Dust mites

In adults, this test is done on the arm and children might be tested on the upper back. This test isn't painful.

Dermatologists and Allergist work hand in hand

It is important to consult an allergist about skin allergies, but an experienced dermatologist is a better option for skin issues. Dermatologists and allergy specialists work coordinated because physicians can help with treating skin conditions caused by allergies.

Yes, allergy specialists do treat asthma and all asthma related allergies. 

- Visit Marham.pk and look for the right Allergy Specialist in Pakistan
- keep your past medical history with you
- Write all your questions on the paper
- Keep a budget that you might need to go for a few lab tests
- Prepare how you will tell the doctor about your condition
- Take a wise care-taker for the visit with you if the condition is severe

You can book appointment with the Allergy Specialist that are available for online consultations by calling Marham's helpline 03111222398 or visiting our official website.

Telemedicine is now considered as the safest way to consult doctors during COVID19 pandemic lockdown. Marham.pk's telemedicine service has helped thousands of patient to stay home and safe. Through Marham, find an Allergy Specialist and book an video/audio consultation with them.

It is very easy to find an Allergy Specialist around you. Install mobile application or log on to Marham website to access the information of thousands of doctors in no time.

Marham.pk offers you different payment methods to pay for your consultation. The options include:
- Jazzcash
- Easypaisa
- Bank transfer
- Payment through the card
Choose from the payment methods above and proceed to your appointment confirmation.

Yes, Allergy Specialist do treat children if it is required.

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