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I took my mother to him he is very kind and very good doctor. he almost spent 30 minutes with my mother and satisfied her. my mother arm is fractured she can not move it from last 2 years. after consulting with Dr. Farrukh Chaudhry now Alhamdullillah she can stretch it very well.

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Doctor is a nice person he search for reason of cause and then gives treatment.Correct diagnosis. and Friendly character. when you are with him you feel that you are in the hands of trusted person. There are no words explain about Dr. Farrukh chaudhry capability. Overall, I had excellent experience with him.

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Dr. Farrukh Chaudhry is the best doctor in town. I have a problem that with the excessive use of technology and gadgets I have severe pain in the head, back and shoulders I can not explain it, but I consulted Dr. Farrukh Chaudhry did the best treatment and get me out of this problem with his extensive knowledge . Now with the grace of Allah Almighty I am well.


Qualification Institute
MBBS King Edward Medical College
Diplomate American Board Of Psychiatry & Neurology
Diplomate American Board Of Clinical Neurophysiology


Designation Workplace
Assistant Professor & Consultant Neurologist University Of Stony Brook, NY, USA
Director Of EMG vamc, NY, USA
Consultant Neurologist National Hospital, Lahore
Consultant Neurologist Doctor Hospital, Lahore
Consultant Neurologist Hamid Latif Hospital, Lahore


Chief Resident Neurology Program at University of Stony Brook USA. Silver Medal and Second position in Rawalpindi board in Matriculation Examination. Silver Medal and Second Position in Lahore Board in Intermediate. Gold medal in First year of MBBS in King Edward Medical University. 4th Position in Punjab University in Final year of MBBS Exam.

Online Consultations

Head injury

He can move his hands open his eyes.. but he does not talk..he has bleed in his brain..but it has stopped.. but how long would it take him to talk. What are the recover signs


Salams, Doctor, I have been diagnosed with migraine from the age of 13. I get an aura which is followed 15-30 mins later by violent nausea and splitting headache on one side oof the head. Depending on the aura the headache occurs on the opposite side of the head e.g. left side aura = right side headache and vice versa. I have taken tons of medicines all of them seem to work initially but stop working within 6-8 months. I have taken epival, topamax, panadols, disprins and kany other countless medicines but none seem to stick. Initially they are effective but then slowly stop working. Now on a regular basis I get migraines roughly 10-15 days in a month and sometimes twice one after the other. Most of my migraines occur during sleep when I wake up because of the migraine.

Headache stomatch pain vision problem and pain in whole body especially in brain

Whenever she wake up she feel pain in brain. Does not eat well because of stomatch pain.

neck pain and stiffness

Assalamualaikum! I want to ask about mother. She is suffering from extreme severe neck pain and muscle spasm since last 4 months. The doctors have diagnosed cervical facet arthropathy. They say there is only supportive treatment for it But it is very frustrating to see her everyday in agonizing pain which gets better by taking analgesics but again gets severe. Physiotherapy also seems of no use. plz help me.

neck and lung pain

Hi doctor. i am a patient of chronic left maxillary sinusitis. but now a days i am experiencing pain in the neck only to the right of trachea...that radiates from the neck region to the right lung at apex and somewhat at the back of right lung...it becomes intense during sneezing coughing...and leaning forwards...kindly help me

Stroke patient

No movement in fingers nor I can uplift my arm straightly upward.

Mid pain in right side of head with numbness

I am feeling minor pain in my right side of head. Feeling right side numb. I am feeling all this since last night.


Im a mother of a two years old. An engineer who has worked for four years, three years ago. I have been forgetting things lately and i think it is not just because i'm a mother. For example i have to change my passwords every time i logon, i cant recall my pin code sometimes even though i use it very frequently. I can't recall the page i read just five minutes ago can't explain it in two line summary. Am I overthinking or it could be an issue, medically speaking? I have been stressed last few months but this forgetfulness has been going on long before that. I want to get back working but I don't know what can i do to improve the situation. I do some concentration exercises sometimes, I don't know if they really work.


My younger brother had a colostomy surgery in 2011 since then he is facing severe epilepsy problem. he is taking epival 250 mg twice daily but problem still there. he has some intestinal issues for which he has to go through anesthesia almost every six months. after anesthesia he has severe attack of epilepsy.


My sister 22 years is taking trioptal 300 mg.one at night and one in morning . Today she couldn't remember if she had taken the night dose so she took one and now v r worried if she had taken double dose. She says she doesn't remember but is in doubt whether she took the night tablet or not . She had two fits last year on November after which v took her to dr nasrullah.and up till now after medicine she has been fit free

Brain hamridge

Meri sister ko 17 ko brain hamridge hua Hai . Or wo general hospital Lahore me admit hai. Uski right side Kam nae Kr rahe. Kabhi kabhi pehchanti b nae Hai kisi ko.. Itni treatment k bad b usky sir ki pain nae ja rahe. Doctor kehty surgery hoge.. Kia surgery k side effects to nae hoty ?? Itni choti age Hai abi .. PLEASE reply


I have headache in right side of head for a year..it happened once in a month or some time weekly.last time it was severe unbearable with nausea vomiting .so i took paracetamol with motilium...when i got tense...or meet people idont want to....the pain arises i have a son age 2.5 so its difficult for me to take care of him.with this severe pain.is there any treatment to cure this pain.


Having very bad headache from months went to neuro he suggest mirtazep 15 mg which iam having from 2 months it help me with 2 times daily calpolplusand migraine attacks decreses but headaches daily but controled with pills now again from 2 days headache is increased and calpol.not helping and after 2 days iam going on long road trip to north wht to do to reduce headache and make my trip good travel make my headache more worse plz suggest cant go to any dr aswell bcoz only day left is tomorrow

Severe Sciatica pain

I want to know that whom should I consult for severe sciatica pain. Neuro physician or Orthopedic!!!


Thank you sir for giving us time...my father is stroke patient.he get stroke before 4 month and 10 days ago ..his stroke is mid brain stroke due to percheron artery infraction..first time he is unconsciousness...and he had a get trachoatomy..he had a high blood pressure ...now when the time spend he become good ...now he eat ...and speak little ...and control BP ..now his movement is jerky he did not get walk .my father hand and leg is normal but he did not get own self balance....sir medication is ....aspirin ..atorvasvtatin ...and bisoprolol ...continue ...if there is another good medicine for treatment please sir priscribed us...

Nick pain head pain sciat

Hi sir I have a pain in nick and back pain like sciatica and One year before i do the Xray docter sayd to me evrything is ok just do exersize but now my pain is increasing and is back swelling now and this can cause if migrane because when my is start increasing then i fell pain on my head and concentration problem also or this cause of depression Thank you so much?

Difficulty in breathing

My son 4 year old had chest infection due to asthematic allergy a week back, was taking ventolin inhaler and flixotide inhaler(fluticasone propionate) and predo(prednisolone sodium phosphate), about 3 days back he caught common cold as well, he has had fever past 3 days, he is taking amoxylin with paracetamol and I brufen, along with Nasonex(Mometasone furoate), xynosine pediatric spray, flixotide inhaler and nebulizer every 6 hours with 0.7ml ventolin and 1ml pulmicort (budesonide)and 2 ml NaCl, he still can't breath properly, takes small breaths and then shrugs every 8 seconds and takes one from mouth..Can I start with ventolin inhaler again? As he was improving with that or can I replace the nebulizer with that? I took him to emergency yesterday and day before yesterday but I am still quite worried