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21 Best Physiotherapists In Sargodha

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Physiotherapist in Sargodha Description

Who is a Physiotherapist in Sargodha?

Physiotherapists are specialists who aid people with the disease, disability, and pain by exercise, therapy and rehabilitation services along with ways to improve mobility and independence. They are also called physical therapists. Physiotherapy is one of the allied health professions that deals with exercise prescription, health education, mobilization, electrical and physical agents, treats acute or chronic pain, movement and physical impairments resulting from injury, trauma or illness. Physiotherapists assess and diagnose the problem, then plan and provide treatment programs that aim to restore function or minimise dysfunction after disease or injury. This is achieved through a combination of manual therapy, movement training and the use of physical and electro physical agents. Physiotherapists can treat people of any age and are experts in educating and helping people to stay healthy, manage diseases and disabilities independently and prevent worsening of existing g diseases and disabilities. Besides playing a vital role in patient healthcare physiotherapists have many other interesting roles. This includes being fitness guides for sportsmen and celebrities.

When should you see a Physiotherapist in Sargodha?

You should see or visit a Physiotherapist or Physiotherapist specialist if you are facing any Physiotherapist issue. One should not compromise or delay their health treatment and take a timely decision to see a Physiotherapist.

How to Consult Physiotherapist in Sargodha?

Book an appointment or take online video consultation with the above-listed doctors. You can call at Marham helpline: 0311-1222398 to schedule your appointment. 50,000+ people now book appointments online and there are no extra charges for it. It just saves your time and makes it easy for you. You will get reminders and notifications about your appointments and Marham team agents guide you regarding address and required information 9 am – 11 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

What are the urdu names of diseases treated by Physiotherapist in Sargodha?

  • اولڈ ایج فزیوتھراپی
  • فروزن شولڈر
  • پٹھوں اور کنکال فزیوتھراپی
  • فالج مریض کی دیکھ بھال
  • اسکیاٹیکا
  • خصوصی بچوں کی فزیوتھراپی
  • کھیلوں کی فزیوتھراپی
  • 3D ڈیکمپریشن تھراپی
  • جدید جسمانی تھراپی
  • امپتشیوں ریھبلتشیوں
  • گٹھیا
  • دماغی فالج
  • چیرو پریکٹس
  • چروپراکٹور
  • دائمی درد کا انتظام
  • جسمانی تندرستی
  • سنگی علاج (حجامہ)
  • خشک سوئی کا علاج
  • فٹنس کیئر
  • جنرل فزیوتھراپی
  • گائنا اینڈ اوبسٹریٹکس فزیوتھراپی
  • کینیسو ٹیپنگ
  • لیکٹو تھراپی
  • دستی تھراپی
  • نیورو بازآبادکاری
  • اعصابی جسمانی تھراپی
  • اعصابی عارضہ
  • آرتھوپیڈک فزیوتھیراپسٹ
  • فالج
  • فزیوتھراپی سے متعلق مشاورت
  • خصوصی بچوں کی فزیوتھیراپی
  • اسپورٹس کیپنگ تھراپی
  • کھیلوں کی چوٹیں
  • کھیلوں کی چوٹیں فزیوتھراپی
  • اسٹروک مینجمنٹ
  • خواتین کی صحت کی فزیوتھیراپی

How much does it cost to visit a Physiotherapist in Sargodha?

On average, initial consultation with a Physiotherapist in Sargodha will cost somewhere around Rs. 1500. Factors such as the location of the practice will also affect the price of Physiotherapist visits as well. Overall Physiotherapists in Sargodha offer a fee from range. Some Physiotherapists offer up to 60% discount on online consultations if you take consultation via Marham.

How Physiotherapist consult patients online on video/audio call in Sargodha?

Telemedicine is flourishing in Pakistan's health-tech space. Doctors of many medical specialties are adapting this latest way of providing consultation to patients. Physiotherapists are also providing online consultations. This is a safe way to consult doctors during the coronavirus pandemic. It helps the patient to stay safe and stay home. You can book a video/audio consultation with a Physiotherapist at Marham. After confirmation, the doctor calls the patient on the Marham website or app & gives a virtual care session.

Reviews of Best Physiotherapists in Sargodha

Ms. Nimra Ghaffar - Physiotherapist

Review:- "Best physiotherapist of sargodha,highly recommended"

Farjad Afzal - Physiotherapist

Review:- "Satisfied"

Warda Zafar - Physiotherapist

Review:- "I feel privileged whenever I visit Dr warda for my visit. She takes exceptional care of her patient's safety and well being. She has helped me in my knee problems a lot. I feel much relieved and happy now and that is due to the progress I've made with Dr Warda. Almost all of my pain is gone and my knees can work more now. I've checked up with other PTs too but Dr Warda has been the best one i must say."

Umar Rehman Sandhu - Physiotherapist

Review:- "Very caring, commited, well experienced. Although i have very good experience and highly recommended in sargodha from my side."

Ms. Misdaq Batool - Physiotherapist

Review:- "It was a very nice experience of visiting your clinic. I am very much satisfied by your treatment and appreciate the home care instructions which you have given me to cure my joint pain. "

Faseeh Zulqernain - Physiotherapist

Review:- "A man with Midas Touch !!! I was suffering from muscle soreness and tender points in my whole body for two years. It had become chronic to an extent where I had given up all hopes of recovery. I tried everything , literally everything from homeopethic medication to hijama to chiropractic sessions and physiotherapy @ renowned hospitals like RIFA and Shifa and many more. But, thankfully I met him @ AFIRM and in just five sessions, he turned around everything for me. He is competent, professional and a thorough gentleman. I strongly recommend this gem of a Doctor to everybody out there .. God Bless You Doc, I am forever in your debt .... "

Sidra Anmol - Physiotherapist

Review:- "I had an issue of sciatica I couldn't even walk but after her treatment and therapies in different sessions, I am back to my normal life."

Asst. Prof. Mustafa Qamar - Physiotherapist

Review:- "Due to frozen Shoulder i went to him. Had a good experience"

Ms. Marriam Zakria - Physiotherapist

Review:- "Completely satisfied with the treatment. Well qualified doctor,equipments and machines are up to the mark.Comfortable and friendly environment,loved to be there.Treated very very professionally,passionate and determined doctor.Everything was super super excellent.?????????????????? "

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the best Physiotherapists by booking your appointment, or by online consultation or you can call the doctor now also you can meet them by viewing their practice details on respective profiles of best Physiotherapists - View Available Doctors here.

The fee range of Physiotherapists in Sargodha varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

Physiotherapists specialists provide the best services and treat issues like

Sports Injuries Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries Physiotherapy, Dry Needling, Dry Needling, Neurological Physical Therapy, Neurological Physical Therapy, Accupunture, Amputation Rehabilitation, Amputation Rehabilitation, Cardiovascular Physical Therapy, Chiro Practice,

Physiotherapist in Different Areas of Sargodha