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Find the most qualified and the best sexologist in Swabi and book an appointment online. More than 0 top sexologists in Swabi are listed on Marham. Book an appointment or talk to the top sexologist in Swabi for your sexual needs. With their extensive training and experience in sexology, sex doctors can guide you toward improved sexual health and well-being. 

Consult the best sexologist in Swabi using Marham. The top sexologists specialize in treating various sexual health issues, including genitourinary diseases. With their extensive training and experience in sexology, they can guide you toward improved sexual health and well-being. 

Who is a Sexologist?

A sexologist is a medical doctor specializing in physiological, anatomical, and behavioral aspects of human sexuality. Sexology is the field of science that studies human sexuality and sexual behaviors.

Sex doctors or sexologists are experts in human sexuality with specialized knowledge and expertise concerning the sexual needs of individuals. They research people's sexual behaviors, feelings, and interactions to help them resolve any issues with their sexual encounters and improve their sex life.

The best sexologists in Swabi work by providing adult sexual health education to partners or individuals facing issues related to sexual intercourse. They help people make choices regarding their sexual needs, sexual health, and reproduction.

Sexologists specialize in sex education to become sexual therapists. A sex therapist is a licensed medical professional involved in counseling about sex-related concerns and issues. These top sex doctors in Swabi provide research-backed help and psychological treatment related to the sexual needs and desires of individuals.

What common conditions does a sexologist treat in Swabi?

Sexologists are involved in improving the sexual health of their patients by focusing on the issues related to sexual dysfunction, disorders, or general sexual concerns. The most common conditions treated by the best sexologists in Swabi include;

  • Pre-orgasm - A condition in which any of the partners cannot reach orgasm while previously, reaching the orgasm was possible. Under pre-orgasmic, reaching orgasm only under a specific type of stimulation is possible.

  • Low sex drive -  Low sex drive or low libido is a lack of interest in sexual activity that may be attributed to stress, depression, and sexual problems. This leads to male or female infertility.

  • Anorgasmia -  It is a sexual dysfunction commonly seen in women which involves less intense, infrequent orgasms or the absence of orgasms.

  • Premature ejaculation - In premature ejaculation, men tend to ejaculate (release semen from the body) sooner than intended during sex. It is also known as rapid ejaculation. This leads to infertility in men diagnosed and treated by the sexologist in Swabi.

  • Erectile dysfunction - Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a condition characterized by a lack of erection or a lack of a firm erection that is enough to reach orgasm. Certain physical or psychological conditions can result in erectile dysfunction.

  • Delayed ejaculation - It is also known as impaired ejaculation and requires longer stimulation than usual to initiate ejaculation. Individuals with delayed ejaculation may feel physical tiredness or pain during sexual activity. 

  • Vaginismus - An abnormal sexual condition in women where they feel fear of vaginal penetration. The vaginal muscles tighten independently as soon as the penetration is attempted. It is recognized by painful intercourse in women.

  • Sex obsession -  It is also called hypersexuality or sexual addiction. It is characterized by persistent thoughts related to sex which may affect personal, family, or professional life. The best sexologist in Swabi provides treatment for this disorder. 

  • Low sexual desire - Underlying sexual and psychological conditions can lead to low sexual desire in which the individual feels little or no interest in sexual activities, disinterest in initiating the sex, or difficulty getting pleasure from sex.

  • Sex guilt - Sex guilt is a condition in which the person feels shame and depression after sex. Anxiety and guilt are common in such people, followed by sex.

  • Sexual orientation - It defines the person's sexual attraction toward the genders. A person may feel attracted to the same, opposite, or both genders. 

Some other sexual disorders that a top sex doctor in Swabi treats include;

  • Psychological issues related to sex

  • Nerve stimulation 

  • Female sex disorders

  • Hydrocele (swelling of the scrotum with a fluid)

What is the qualification of a Sexologist in Pakistan?

To be qualified as a sexologist, a person must undergo five to eight years of extensive post-graduate training in addition to primary medical education. A sexologist's credentials must include the following:

  • Five-year MBBS degree followed by house job

  • Specialization in sex studies or sex therapy

  • Relevant experience in the field

What are the common sexual health issues in Pakistan?

The most prevalent sexual issues reported in Pakistan are;

  • Erectile Dysfunction (29.2%)

  • Premature ejaculation (27.1%)

  • Depression due to sexual discomfort (23%)

  • Non-consummation of marriage (18%)

When should you consult with a Sexologist in Swabi? 

Many individuals are dealing with sexual issues in Pakistan that are often difficult to discuss. According to recent research, only 5% of people in Pakistan have consulted a sexologist for mental, physical, or emotional issues related to sex. These individuals may suffer from problems such as infertility, impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and venereal diseases. 

In addition, many people suffer from mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, which can lead to difficulties with sex and intimacy. These individuals must seek help from a qualified and experienced sexologist who can provide the necessary treatment and support.

When considering consulting with the best sexologist in Swabi, various issues may arise. 

  • If you are experiencing sexual difficulties, such as a lack of desire, difficulty becoming aroused, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, or pain during intercourse. In that case, these can all be issues that warrant a consultation with a sexologist. 

  • If you have difficulty communicating with your partner about your sexual needs, a sexologist can offer support and guidance to help you navigate these conversations. 

  • If you question your gender or sexual identity, a sexologist can provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore these questions. 

  • The best sexologists in Swabi also have experience dealing with sexual trauma or other related conditions. 

Consult the sexologist near you to effectively manage and treat these conditions.

Additionally, if you have any symptoms of male or female sex disorder like lack of vaginal lubrication, inability to orgasm, inability to relax vaginal muscles during intercourse, or hypersexuality, book your appointment with the best sexologist in Swabi

How to select the best sexologist in Swabi?

Before choosing a sexologist, you should carefully consider the following factors:

  • Qualifications: Look for the relevant qualifications and experience of the sexologist you are choosing.

  • Services: Check for the services offered by the sexologist.

  • Patient review: Inspect the patient satisfaction percentage for choosing the best doctor near you.

How to book an appointment with the best sexologist in Swabi?

Marham brings a diverse range of the top verified male and female best sexologists in Swabi near you, where you can easily book an online video consultation or in-person appointment. There are 0 best sex specialists in Swabi with immense experience, qualifications, and services listed on Marham.

Find the most qualified and the best sexologists in Swabi near you and book an appointment online through our platform.