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29 Best Sexologists In Lahore

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Sexologist in Lahore Description

Who is a Sexologist in Lahore?

Sexology is a scientific study that involves studying human sexuality, including behavior, function, and sexual interests. Sexologists in Pakistan are specialized and trained in recognizing and treating conditions affecting the sexual life of men and women. Sexologists in Pakistan are prepared to tackle various aspects of human sexuality. Moreover, they can also help people with erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems, fear of touch, anorgasmia, and sexual dysfunction. Similarly, mental issues related to sexual life are also dealt with by them. Often, people shy away from discussing these matters, and sometimes a general physician cannot guide a patient satisfactorily regarding these problems. These issues can profoundly affect the relationship between the partners, so it is recommended to consult with the best sex specialists that are listed on our website so they can help patients to get rid of embarrassing problems, conditions including dynamics of sexual orientation, difficulty communicating sexual needs and desires, sexual trauma or sexual abuse history, infidelity, gender identity, etc.

When should you see a Sexologist in Lahore?

You should see or visit a Sexologist or Embryology specialist if you are facing any Embryology issue. Mostly people visit Sexologist in Lahore for Premature Ejaculation, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Disorders, Hydrocele. One should not compromise or delay their health treatment and take a timely decision to see a Sexologist.

What are the most common Embryology diseases treated by Sexologist in Lahore?

The common diseases under the scope of Sexologist/Embryology specialists include all the kinds such as Sexual Disorders, Hydrocele, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation.

What services are provided by a Sexologist in Lahore?

Sexologist/Embryology specialists provide the best services such as Sexual Disorders, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Hydrocele, Premature Ejaculation.

Who are the best Sexologist in Lahore?

  • Dr. Muhammad Haris Burki practicing in Lahore Specialists Clinic, Jail Road
  • Dr. Fawad Nasrullah practicing in Chughtai Medical Center Johar Town
  • Dr. Brig R Ramzan Chaudhry practicing in Hameed Latif Hospital
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Farooq practicing in Punjab Medical Center

How to Consult Sexologist in Lahore?

Book an appointment or take online video consultation with the above-listed doctors. You can call at Marham helpline: 0311-1222398 to schedule your appointment. 50,000+ people now book appointments online and there are no extra charges for it. It just saves your time and makes it easy for you. You will get reminders and notifications about your appointments and Marham team agents guide you regarding address and required information 9 am – 11 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

How much does it cost to visit a Sexologist in Lahore?

On average, initial consultation with a Sexologist in Lahore will cost somewhere around Rs. 1500. Factors such as the location of the practice will also affect the price of Sexologist visits as well. Overall Sexologists in Lahore offer a fee from range. Some Sexologists offer up to 60% discount on online consultations if you take consultation via Marham.

How Sexologist consult patients online on video/audio call in Lahore?

Telemedicine is flourishing in Pakistan's health-tech space. Doctors of many medical specialties are adapting this latest way of providing consultation to patients. Sexologists are also providing online consultations. This is a safe way to consult doctors during the coronavirus pandemic. It helps the patient to stay safe and stay home. You can book a video/audio consultation with a Sexologist at Marham. After confirmation, the doctor calls the patient on the Marham website or app & gives a virtual care session.

Reviews of Best Sexologists in Lahore

Dr. Zahid Shehzad - Sexologist

Review:- "Best sexologist and male infertlity specialist...I recommend him for male health issues"

Dr. M Imran Sheikh Gold Medalist - Sexologist

Review:- "Very competent doctor listen carefully and suggest relevantly."

Dr. Imran Hanif - Sexologist

Review:- "Dr. Imran is a good doctor. He treats patients very well."

Dr. Rohina Gul - Sexologist

Review:- "Doctor Rohina Gul buhat achi Doctor hain. Maine apna treatment karwa hai Doctor Rohina Gul se. aur mai kuch he days mein bilkul theek ho gaya hun. Thank you Doctor Rohina Gul and God bless you"

Dr. Ahmad Nadeem - Sexologist

Review:- "Ive been his patient for the last 11 years. he is truly my go to. my family, my kids and my parents feel happy and utmost satisfied after consulting him"

Dr. Sarfraz Cheema - Sexologist

Review:- "Excellent way of treatment with good approach of diagnos"

Dr. Aslam Naveed - Sexologist

Review:- "Sir, u r great. I wanna tell u that after watching your lectures on youtube, my life has been changed now. As, i saw a lot of videos about musht zani by hakeems but now I'm totally fit as of your lectures. Tu sir ty very much and insahallah soon i 'll meet you but i 'll meet you for just thanks nd 'll appreciate ur knowledge not for treatment ???? ty sir ty very much Now, i give suggestions to other boys the suggestions u gave me via lectures nd my frdz totally become shocked???????????????????? ty again sir ty? may allah give u health more nd more"

Dr. Azimullah Asif Goraya - Sexologist

Review:- "I had a good experience with him. he is a qualified senior doct "

Prof. Dr. Safdar Ali Shah - Sexologist

Review:- "Really competent dr... Went there for my father's check up... He gives enough time to every patient "

Dr. Saleem Akhtar - Sexologist

Review:- "His ability to diagnose the problem and suggest most appropriate treatment is by far the best I've experienced."

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the best Sexologists by booking your appointment, or by online consultation or you can call the doctor now also you can meet them by viewing their practice details on respective profiles of best Sexologists - View Available Doctors here.

The fee range of Sexologists in Lahore varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

Sexologists specialists provide the best services and treat issues like

Male / Female Sexual Problems, Impotence, Low Sex Drive,