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Dust Allergy

Assalam u alekum. Meri mother ko dust allergy h agr kisi bi qism ki dhool hoti h to unhe zuqaaam shuru hojata h, koi dusting krrha ho ya flour ko chhanne s bh un ko chhhenke ane lgti h aur phir zuqam shuru hojata h... is ka ag...


Qad Barhnay K Lea

bryta carb 1m homeobathic dr ny qad barhny ki ye dwae di hy . mere batay ki omear 14 sal hy wait 30 kg hy os ka qad ni barh raha is dawai k istamal se uqsan to ni hoga


Minor Bloating And Burning

I was diagnosed with H.pylori and had my antibiotic course and after maintenance therapy of omeprazole and luvosulpiride for one month. But after therapy I felt minor gaseous symptoms in stomach and severe constipation. So from yest...


Watery Eye

I have tear duct blocked in right eye for 3 years and it get infected. I have consulted many eye surgeons.Can homeopathic drs treat it.please prescribe me medicine


Watery Eyes

I have blocked tear duct in right eye for 3 years.And it get infected.I have consulted many doctors and they suggest me surgery.Can homeopathic doctors treat it . if u can, please prescribe me the medicines.


Lichen Plano-pilaris (LPP)

Question is for homeopathic practitioner as already used allopathic medicine but no success. Any homeopathic doctor, who has good experience dealing with Lichen plano-pilaris (LPP) I am happy to visit any completant doctor in...


Sinusitis And Heaviness

Question is for homeopathic practitioner.. I usually experience heavy head,nasal congestion, ear congestion and pain on the upper part of eye as well. Also migraines on an off. Please tell me some very good drops for it. I have used...


Health Problem

Is there any homeopathic doctor available at this forum please tag this post want to discuss a health issue


Blocked Nose With Adenoids N Tonsillitis

My daughter is 6 years old with adenoids n tonsils. Blocked nose in winters make her irritate during day and specifically at night with snoring sometimes. I need to know if there is any permanent treatment in homeopathy to cure this...

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