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Baby- Bonnisan

Salam. My one month baby is prescribed bonnisan. I need to ask k bonnisan us k gallay mein lagta hai, maybe because of its taste. Jaise wo cough c krti hai wo pee kr. Should we dilute it? I am confused please help.


Nasal Congestion In 1 Week Old Baby (pediatrician)

my 1 week old baby has nasal block doctor gave saline drops. i have been using that but not much improvement has come. can i give steam to baby? if yes, please guide for duration and frequency of giving steam. how many times a day...


Rashes And Pimples On 4day Baby Body

salam meri beti 4 days ki hai usy body pay aisy acne nikl rhy hn


4 Days Old Baby Wet Diaper Count Concern.

baby boy age: 3 days poop daiper is 2 or 3 in one day. he had some wet diapers in hospital..(not sure how many cause staff was changing him) but since we came home from hospital, he is passing poop but no wet Diapers. is he passing...



Aoa my baby is 6 month old ما شا اللہ..... M ne usko weaning start krwai t cerelac sagu dana sooji wgra sy.... Baby thory din thk rha phr motions lag gae.... M usy jo b khilati hu foran motion kr deta h.... Esa q h usy digest q ni...


Infant Sleep Hours

How long should you let 7 weeks infant sleep without feed? My baby is currently taking feed after 4 or sometimes 5,6 hours. Is this normal?


Spit Milk

Could you please respond to my query? My baby girl is almost 7 weeks. Her BW was 3.68 and current weight is 4.7. She's mostly breastfed with one feeder of formula during the night . Since yesterday I noticed she cried while being br...

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