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MARHAM has introduced a unique service named Marham online consultation that enables its users to access the best professionals from any medical specialty without the hassle of waiting for hours. This exclusive service has following features:

Second Opinion:

If you are advised for a surgery or are suffering from any serious health issue and want expert opinion of more than one relevant doctors for your specific case. The service of second opinion is all what you need. Your case will be shared with top notch doctors of relevant field and their views about your case will be shared with you. All of this happening in a matter of few clicks taking care that your information remains strictly confidential.

One-to- one Video Call:

Another salient feature of Online consultation is one-to- one video calls. This is truly a blessing for patients who cannot move around easily or are bound due to tight schedules. You can have online discussion and assessment with the required doctor from your home or office easily.

Telephone Call:

Well this is what everybody might need from time to time, an advice from a doctor on call. You can book an on-call- appointment with the required specialist and get all your worries addressed over a call.

Home Based services:

Sensing the magnitude of trouble lot of people face while visiting to avail services in an ailment Marham has introduced a range of Home-based services. This includes services like physiotherapy and nursing care.

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Marham community is really nice and peaceful. I must say it is very grateful of the doctors to spare their time and show selfless efforts to answer our queries.

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