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Full Body Joint Examination

I have had a malabsorption disorder for many years. This has caused me alot of joint problems which I'm not able to identify. Is there a doctor in Islamabad who performs a full body examination to identify the problems?


Arthritis,swelling In Knees

Sir my mother has arhtitis for last 15 years...swelling in knees...R.A factor positive test from laboratory..


Knee Disorder

My mother is facing severe pain in knee. There is also swelling in it.. I am attaching x-ray of her knee.. Plz check it


Knee Knocking

my son age 5 has knees knocking issue.When he stands his knees are touching each other?????


Thumb Arthiritis

I can't properly use my thumb. It is swollen and when I try to bend my thumb it hurts which I can't. I think I have Thumb Arthritis. Please suggest any non-surgical treatment.


Arthritis (Joint Pains)

Aslam o alikum, I am worried about my mother joint pains.she is having this disease since 1995.we changed many many doctors but all treatments are upto medication only & there is no permanent treatment.now she had pain in her Neck &...



Male, 55 Diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head Left and with complaints of severe Pain in Left Hip and mild pain in Right Joint since 1.5 years. (see the attached MRI Report of 9/3/18) Decompression (joints drilling) al...


Bunions On Both Big Toes

What can be the possible and successful cure for bunions? I feel them emerging on the joints at the base of both big toes. Sometimes I feel pain in the left one and its more prominent as well. It's hereditary from my maternals as we...


Finger Joint Pain

football hit on middle finger now the mid joint is swollen unable to bend there is pain only when try to bend the finger fron the middle joint

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