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Dr. Shamsheer Haider

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Patient Questions from Dr. Shamsheer Haider

Asking For Self, Male 31


felling dizziness while sit on chair can't sit still or stand ...... specially i front of pc

Asking For Self, Female 30

Face Swelling

salam. Mujhy Kuch dino se bht face swelling hoo rhy hai.. nend se uthti hon to ankhen aur lips bht sojy huay hoty hen. aur legs men bhi bht kharish hoti hai. rigix tab khany se kharish khtm hojati hai. but face swelling khtm nhe hot...

Asking For Self, Male 44

Vit B12 High Up To 1476 As Lab Test Befor 3 Days.

I feel little pain on back side left shoulder like as sensation my ECG and xray are clear in lab test only vit b12 is high. I use mabil tab 500 MCG and nuramine forte injections OD 01(3)days.why vit b12 high and how can I reduce.

Asking For Self, Female 27

Leg Pains

assalamualaikum... ek month pehly Meri shadi hui hai usky bd s mjhy continue chkr arhy hen ek dum bethy bethy sar ghoom jata hai or legs pain b hai to isky lie koi multivitamins Leni hngi Kiya internally weakness ki wja s hrha hai y...

Asking for Self, Female, 33 years old

Premenstrual Syndrome

I am 33 yo married woman and have 3 children. I am suffering from severe PMS , I consulted a doctor but she didn't even bother to.listen to me completely.. I am sick of it as I become so.loud before a week of my cycle.i shout at m...

Asking For Mother, Female 68

Black Stool

My mother stool was black and HB level dropped to 4.5 and after that we gave him 3 packs of Red blood cells.( She been on Inhalers Ventoline and Sertide ) ...Her Lft reports and Hepatitus B and C are also Normal except Alkaline phos...

Asking For Self, Male 32

Fissure Problem

I have fissure problem. Too much pain from last 7 days. Not setting and standing.I face this problem 2 year before but not like that, only one day I have little pain after that I get will but this time I have too much pain I can't w...

Asking for Self, Male, 18 years old

Cannot Defecate Properly.

Asalam O Alaikum to every reader. Mujhy peechle 2 salon se constipation thi phr ma ek hakeem k paas gaya kisi k suggest karne par unhon ne kuch medicines di jis se mjhy dierrha hogaya tha jis se meri intestines saaf hogayin thi le...

Asking For Father, Male 55

Hypoglycemia Emergency Help

My father age 55 is recently diagnosed with diabetes. 20 days ago his HBA1C was 10.7 In the start his blood sugar was 400 MashAllah he after taking these medications 1)Galvus met 50/500 2) Empaa 10mg 3) Amyrl MSR 1/500 And with pro...

Asking for Sister, Female, 26 years old

Blood In Stool

She is having blood in stool as identified in toilet, at first she thought its a period blood but there was no periods or spotting. after two days again there was blood while passing stool. At first it was not much but today the qua...

Asking for Mother, Female, 56 years old

Gynecology / Blood Pressure

My Mother had total abdominal hysterectomy with a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (TAH + BSO) last month. She is facing Low Blood Pressure from last 3 days. It is important to mention that she has been taking cardamom, zeera, and si...

Asking for Mother, Female, 64 years old

Infection Has Seen From Urine DR Report

My mum was having trouble and irritation while urinating. She got a urine DR test done from aga khan to know the issue. There is nitrites, haemoglobin and Leukocyte esterase in the urine. Can someone please suggest what anti biotic...

Asking For Father, Male 55

High Blood Sugar Please Guide Us!

My father is MashAllah healthy. He only have high bp issue for that he is using byscard 2 5. Kuch dino say unko lower right back pain ho raha tha. For that we gave him nuberol forte. Ajj unka after eating blood sugar wesay he check...