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Patient Questions from Dr. Imran Aheer

Asking for Self, Male, 28 years old

Urainry Track Infection

I am suffering from urainry track infection from since last five year so kindly give me seguest for a best doctor in Lahore & multan area

Asking For Self, Female 32

Hypothyroid Patient

mera tsh is month normal aya ha tsh 4.41 prolactin 44.5 ha mare galy me boht swelling aur drd hute brain me hr waqt drd rehta ear me bhi drd huta doctors depression ki tablt dayte ha lakin koi farq nahe ferta kia waja huskta ha mar...

Asking for Self, Female, 17 years old

Fever Sore Throat Hypertension

Hello. kindly post this as an anonymous post. I had hypertension last night. Now I've high fever. I feel like my body is burning. Severe pain in throat and headache. I've met someone who was covid positive. Do I need to isolate m...

Asking for Wife, Female, 21 years old

Bp Issue

she is sufering from low blood pressure problem and some time she got faint due to it , she also sufering from feet burn in summer when she is sufering from low blood pressure prob , she got high vomiting that cause severe weaknes...

Asking For Self, Female 40

Increased Uric Acid

mera uric acid berh gia hai.medicine lo to kam ho jata hai ager chor do to increase ho jata hai.jis ki waja sw mere feet me bohat pain hai.is there any permanent treatment for this.thx

Asking for Self, Male, 23 years old

Lymp Nodes

I have been suffering from health anxiety for a while now since September/October last year when i read about lymphoma on google after that i m always searching my neck for lymph nodes and unfortunately i found one on the lower righ...

Asking for Self, Male, 24 years old

Swear Pain In The Head.

Aoa, I am a computer tech person and sometimes I felt pain in my head (only in the right half) and the pain is very swearing, is it something I need to worry about? Kindly let me know about the problem and suggest a medicine if pos...

Asking for Self, Female, 28 years old

Pins And Needles In Head

Hello. Dr from last two years i am experiencing headaches on one side only and that is left. During pregnancy i had severe sort of headaches twice on left side and from that time whenever i have it it comes on the left side. then i...

Asking for Other, Male, 33 years old

Cluster Headache

My 33 year old son has been diagnosed with cluster headaches, he's been given meds for relief along with oxygen. We have been told their is no cure for this disease, only temporary relief, pls advise.

Asking For Self, Male 31


my blood sugar is 180 and result of HB1C is 6.6 is this the begning of diseases . please also confimr the leval of blood sugar

Asking For Self, Male 32


mjhe har mont nazla hojata hai aur phr wo nazla halaq mai girta hai aur gala khrab hojata hai phr cough hojata hai bht zyada.

Asking for Self Male 19

Enzymes Deficiency

I Am serious about my health .For a long time I am feeling that something goes wrong with my body and took some tests but not found problem. know I relaize that the root is digestive system which is not work properly due to weak or...

Asking for Wife, Female, 36 years old

Severe Itching Arms/feet

my wife has has severe allergy on arms and feet since two weeks. consulted a couple of doctors and they said it is seasonal allergy. got blood tested and report if ok. she got some relief with medicine but somedays at evening time i...

Asking for Self Male 19

Need Help HIV/AIDS

Hi I am 19 year old Boy.After reading on internet about this.I Am 50% Sure that I have AIDS.So,What I need to do First?

Asking for Self Male 28

Lipoma Ka Elaj

mere body mein charbi ki ghatia ban rhe hei net par search kiya tou es bimari ka naam lipoma lekha paya. plz karachi mein es bimari k elaj ka kohi doctor hei tou btahey.....

Asking For Self, Female, 23 years old

Belly Fat

I am 23 years old and weight 50 - 53. Height 5'4. I want to lose some extra fat from belly and want abs. Help me in that. Thanks

Asking for Self, Male, 26 years old


i have myasthenia gravis plz tell me who the best surgeon for thymectomy

Asking for Self, Male, 32 years old

Phinsi (Abscesses)

Sir, I have Phinsi (Abscesses) near anal hole. My general health is very good and I am very hygienic. Phinsi is just starting off. Please suggest medicines/tube which could kill it before it becomes bigger. I am having hard time in...