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Dr. Muhammad Azeem Subhani

Pediatrician - بچوں کے ماہر ڈاکٹر

| MBBS | FCPS (Paediatrics, Peads Surgeon) |


9 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Dr. Muhammad Azeem Subhani

Asking For Self, Male 2

Undecended Testicles

mere bete ka operate hoa tha dec mein. testical abhi bhi apni jaga pe nai aie.i m in tention.kahin mere bete ko koi infertility problem to nai ho gi future mein.

Asking for Other, Female, 1 years old

Skin Rash Or Allaergy/ Sensitive Skin

My 20 days old niece has pimple type acne on her body and face what ointment or soap should be used to stop?

Asking for Other, Male, 2.5 years old

Frequent Nosebleeds Without Any Apparent Reason

My nephew just starts bleeding from the nose out of the blue. Any suggestion to which specialist we can consult or test we can have done? The pediatrician cant find anything.

Asking for Other, Male, 0.8 years old

Left Eye Is Red

My 8 months old baby boy has red eye. Is it any type of infection?