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The pediatrician also called child specialists are doctors who specialize in managing the physical, behavioral and mental health of children. They are trained to diagnose and treat minor illnesses as well as serious diseases. They perform physical exams, vaccinate and make sure your child is well on track regarding growth and development. They give you information on childhood illnesses and treat common infections and conditions in kids like an earache, stomach upsets, colic, and fever. They educate you about kid’s nutritional and safety needs. You can find certified and best pediatricians in Lahore for consultation.

Dr. Zeeshan Munir is an amazing doctor. I consulted him about my baby's nutrition and we followed his instruction. The results were quite good and the baby's health is improving MashaAllah. Highly recommend Dr Zeeshan. Thank you.

Dr. Naveed Akbar is a very kind doctor. He treats his patients with great care and in a very friendly manner. This is what a good pediatrician is all about. Comforting the kids. Dr. Naveed is definitely up to the mark. He vaccina...

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