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Patient Questions from Dr. Shagufta Akmal

Asking for Self, Female, 23 years old

Fungal Infection

Sir i am suffering from fungus infection since 2004. Whenever i use medicine it started recovering & even though it seems like there was nothing on my foot but after few time it start up again badly. It feels itchy, cuts & b...

Asking for Self, Male, 18 years old


I've melasma for 4 years....I've been using hyderquine plus cream for 5 months but now I've stopped it...Please recommend me some good lightning agents... Glycolic acid melasma ke lye kaam krta he??

Asking For Self, Male 20


asssalamoalikum dear,I have a dandruff problem.i Used many shampoos and many oils but it is not working.i want your opinion. plz help me.

Asking for Other, Female, 7 years old

Jism Per Surkh Chalay.

Meray Beti Jis Ki Umer 6 Mahenay 15 Din Haey Us K Jism Per Surkh Chalay Hain khas Kar Tangon Per .in Ko Kia Kron

Asking for Self, Female, 34 years old

Skin Darkening In Pregnancy

Hi.....i m 3rd time pregnant and alongwith having lot of weightgain my neck is turing jet black.like surma is spilled on it. I m very concerned. Anything i can do for it???face and hand also so dull.nothing is working on them too...

Asking for Self, Male, 12 years old


vitiligo.how is the most specalist vitiligo doctor.how give a good medicine

Asking for Self, Female, 44 years old

Dryness Nd Pimple Patch

Salaa all drs Plz tag peads My 44 days old daughter has red dryness patches nd little pimpe on her cheeks nd on her chin My inlaws saying its normal nd not allowing me to visit to dr Plz any peads dr suggest me any remedy or cre...

Asking For Self, Female 21


Doctor diagnosed me with hirsutism and asked me to take hormonal test and Ultrasound thinking i might have polycyst syndrome. Just wanted to know can hirsutism cause infertility? Can it be cured? Which doctor can i visit for the tes...

Asking for Self, Male, 24 years old

Genital Warts

I want to know whether these are warts or skin tags and how can they be cured

Asking for Sister, Female, 27 years old


My sis is suffering from melasma she visited many Drs but not effective kindly suggest some thing better

Asking For Self, Male 17

Face Acene

i have pimple on my face and nose how i can remove pimple and pimples stain

Asking for Self, Female, 24 years old

Acne Vulgaris

Hi I'm 24 years old and suffering from severe acne vulgaris from last 2 months Initially I started using vibramycin 100 mg for 1 week but of no use. Then I visited a dermatologist who prescribed me azomax 250 mg BD for 3 con...

Asking for Self, Female, 26 years old


My hair have become very thin and gap is alot I used minoxidil by doctors prescription but it caused me brething problem Can you please tell me what should i do or any good suplement or serum for it

Asking For Self, Male, 38 years old

Scan And Hair Problem

scare on face and hairs are being weaken, need solution

Asking for Other, Female, 6 years old

Underarm Odour

My daughter is 6 yrs old and she is having very bad underarms odour . Even taking bath regularly she has the bad smell from underarms . I need expert advice ,reason and looking for some solution.

Asking for Self, Male, 23 years old

Body Hair Fall

Hi, I'm a 23 years old guy who's very hairy like most South Asian guys. My problem is that my body's hair falls a lot. When I take of my shirt it is full of chest and back hair. Even leg hair has tendency to fall. My family/roommate...

Asking For Father, Male 52

Under Arm Acne Bleeding & Pipes

AOA Sir Mary Father Jin Ko Under Arm Main Pimples nikal ty hain Jis main bleeding bhi hoti hain or ray sha bhi nikalta hain Please advise Kon Si antibiotics Use kary or Cream kon si use karye😔Is Ko Kachralia keh tye hain?

Asking For Self, Male 24

White Hairs

The white hairs on my head are increasing day by day, what do I do to stop this

Asking for Self, Female, 17 years old

Skin Whitening

Dr umer please suggest any good skin whitening pills i want to have fair skin no matter what. Please help

Asking For Self, Female 31


what is the reason of pimples on vagina and how to treat and prevent them ??