Dryness Nd Pimple Patch

Salaa all drs Plz tag peads My 44 days old daughter has red dryness patches nd little pimpe on her cheeks nd on her chin My inlaws saying its normal nd not allowing me to visit to dr Plz any peads dr suggest me any remedy or cream so that my daughter will recover Need help Thanks in adv


MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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Babies often develop rash in response to wooden clothing.make sure the clothing is pure cotton.You can moisturize with lubrex or Mustafa products which are especially good for babiesSaliva drooling can also give rise to a rash.


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Thanks dr
With lubrex it will go away???

11 months ago


MBBS, DDCD (Thailand) | Karachi

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Apply physio gel moisturizer twice daily.


Apply hydrozole cream three times daily for 2 weeks