Dr. Ali Shehvaiz Pt Physiotherapist Lahore

Dr. Ali Shehvaiz Pt

Physiotherapist - فزیوتھیراپسٹ

DPT, M.Phil (Physical Therapy)


5 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Dr. Ali Shehvaiz Pt

Asking For Other, Female 26

Constant Pain In Back Mostly At Rest

constant pain at the upper back side center and sides. Mostly occur on exhaling breath and on bending down and bending back. most of the pain is worst after waking up and laying down. plz guide me I am scared of it. I have got my...

Asking For Self, Male 18


Assalam ou Alikum Doctors.I am 18 years old having weight 52kg. I am suffering from this type of posture problem as shown in picture. I want to get normal posture as other people have. So my questions are: 1. How can I get normal p...

Asking For Self, Male, 24 Years old

Is Stretching Helpful To Increase Height..

Respected doctors ! i know its depend on genetic information but i want to increase only 1 cm... is it possible with stretching exercise .. if possible than how many months are required for this ....my age is 24 year