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Talk to Physiotherapist on Is Stretching Helpful To Increase Height..


Asking For Self, Male, 24 Years old, Lahore

Respected doctors ! i know its depend on genetic information but i want to increase only 1 cm... is it possible with stretching exercise .. if possible than how many months are required for this ....my age is 24 year

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear Member,
Your query has been approved and the relevant doctor has been tagged. You will receive the answer soon.

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Physiotherapist in Islamabad - Dr. Maria Sajid Pt
Dr. Maria Sajid Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT, BCLST, M.Phil (Scholar) | Islamabad | Book Appointment

review-stars 33 Positive Reviews

question is incomplete.. what he wants to increase onlyby 1cm... ???

4 years ago

Physiotherapist in Peshawar - Masood Ahmad

Masood Ahmad - Physiotherapist

DPT, Masters in Musculoskeletal and Sports | Peshawar

stretching can increase the length of any tissue such as muscle or nerve, can you be more specific what do you want to increase by 1cm?


Post Owner

Sir ! i want to increase body height as epiphyseal plates have ossified at this age.. any other point which help to increase only 1 cm ...

4 years ago

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Ms. Zarnab Zahra

Ms. Zarnab Zahra - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), MS (OMPT) | Lahore

which tissue you want to increase ?


Post Owner

Body height ... through hanging or stretching can i attain

4 years ago


Post Owner

Lower Limb

4 years ago

Physiotherapist in Taxila - Huma Tabassum

Huma Tabassum - Physiotherapist

DPT, MS OMPT (Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy) | Taxila

as according to your age ,bone ossification centers had fused ,,hiegh is increased by increasing bone length ,, stretching can give positive impact on muscles and to some how on bones but length doesn't effect by stretching,,hanging activities can slightly effect Ur height

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Ms. Zarnab Zahra
Ms. Zarnab Zahra - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), MS (OMPT) | Lahore | Book Appointment

stretching can't be helpful to height in this. age, however hanging and swinging activities might be helpful, its all depends if your bone ossification has been completed or not,

4 years ago

Member of Marham-Forum

Can u please tell what do you want to increase 1cm? Then I'll give you the ans?


Post Owner

Body height

4 years ago

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Ali Shehvaiz Pt

Dr. Ali Shehvaiz Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT, M.Phil (Physical Therapy) | Lahore


87 Positive Reviews

Kindly visit the clinic for consultation and then i will properly assess you

Physiotherapist in Sialkot - Ms. Areeba Arshad

Ms. Areeba Arshad - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Sialkot


3 Positive Reviews

The main factor that influences a person’s height is their genetic makeup. However, many other factors can influence height during development, including nutrition, hormones, activity levels, and medical conditions.
People usually grow until they reach 18 years of age. This is because growth plates tends to grow during development.
This should be understood that people can increase height during development, and wh not adults can increase their height as growth plates stop growing. Be confident about what You have and take care alot of being Yourself
I hope you got answer under scientific background..

Member of Marham-Forum

yes you can
but it depend on many factors as well like your environment, your nutrition,your hormones and Genes.
you have to do stretching for maximum 3 months to increase it.

Physiotherapist in Multan - Dr. Aneeza Khalil

Dr. Aneeza Khalil - Physiotherapist

DPT(Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Multan


4 Positive Reviews

plz be more specific to your question. at this age height can't be increased. But stretching has positive impact to improve length of shortened muscle.

Member of Marham-Forum

Researches have shown that jumping is effective in increasing height in adolescenes as it affect bones & acc. to wolf's law bones will remodel themselves in a better way. But at your age bone ossification centers are closed so it is almost dofficult to achieve your goal. However, don't lose hope. Do start jumping & some lower limb workout, as if you have strong legs they will lift you up like a heighted person.

Physiotherapist in Islamabad - Dr. Namrah Ahmed

Dr. Namrah Ahmed - Physiotherapist

BSPT, DPT | Islamabad


38 Positive Reviews

Stretching is actually helpful in making the full length of the muscle..but as ossification of bones completed at this age and there is no bone growth..soo there will be no impact on your height physiologically.

Physiotherapist in Rawalpindi - Sitara Batool

Sitara Batool - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor Of Physical Therapy) | Rawalpindi

Yes stretching of a muscle can increase a muscle lenght r a nerve lenght upto 1cm but when bone ossification starts then its difficult. Share your actual height and weight

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Hafiz Zubair Ul Hassan

Dr. Hafiz Zubair Ul Hassan - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), BS (Hons) Physiotherapy | Lahore


24 Positive Reviews

Not at all

Physiotherapist in Islamabad - Dr. Urooj Fatima Pt

Dr. Urooj Fatima Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT, Ms (Cardiopulmonary) | Islamabad


25 Positive Reviews

No Dear , unfortunately not

Physiotherapist in Okara - Mr. Muhammad Hanan Zafar

Mr. Muhammad Hanan Zafar - Physiotherapist

DPT, Certification in Hijama & Cupping Therapy, Masters In Sports Physical Therapy | Okara


2 Positive Reviews

as discussed earlier by doctors and according to researches it might be a little helpful but you have to work for a long run around 3 months or more. start doing stretches like hannging jumping and also add some part of strengthening training too. it will be much helpful for you. otherwise physically visit some good physio for assessement and exercising plan which help you out in a good way. focus on legs + back

Physiotherapist in Multan - Dr.Ume E Aiman

Dr.Ume E Aiman - Physiotherapist

| Doctor of Physical Therapy | Certification (Pain Management) | (UK) | Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist | (UK) | Multan


1 Positive Reviews

Yes it is possible.You can increase by doing stretching exercises.3 Times a day atleast for 6 months.Also improve your posture of sitting,standing,lying.
Exercise: You can Stand on toes for 5 sec holds,5 repetitions in the start.

Physiotherapist in Karachi - Dr. Vinod Kumar Pt

do some stretching exercises of all body,its better to do some pull ups..

Member of Marham-Forum

it is not possible

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Ms. Hira Idrees Pt

Ms. Hira Idrees Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT (UHS) | Lahore


32 Positive Reviews

yes possible. do streching exercises. plus improve n work on ur posture

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Fatima Niazi

Dr. Fatima Niazi - Physiotherapist

BSPT (Pb),TDPT/M.Phil. (KEMU), MS Orthopedic , Manual Physical Therapy (RIU) Chiropractor , Certificate In Manual Therapy (Spine) | Lahore


297 Positive Reviews

incomplete history ,which group of muscles u are addressing for stretching???

Physiotherapist in Islamabad - Dr. Namrah Ahmed

Dr. Namrah Ahmed - Physiotherapist

BSPT, DPT | Islamabad


38 Positive Reviews

If you want to increase your height then it's almost impossible in this age group as ossification of bones completed .

Physiotherapist in Jauharabad - Dr. Shahid Iqbal Pt

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