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Dr. Muhammad Umair Hussain

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Patient Questions from Dr. Muhammad Umair Hussain

Asking For Self, Female 38


A o a.mein regular brush krti hon phr b some time mere mouth se smell ati h specially raat ko.kindly tell me

Asking For Self, Female 35

دانت میں حساسیت

دانتوں میں ٹھنڈا گرم بہت زیادہ لگ رہا ہے۔ جنجناہٹ بہت زیادہ ہو رہی ہے۔

Asking For Self, Female 23

Dental Problem

AOA mere dant mn cavity ha doctor ne kaha tha pichly maheeny k root canal krna pare ga, mere dant mn kisi time zor parta to drd hota or thorra sa blood b nikalta ha, I wanted to ask k root canal se pehly kuch din koi mouthwash ya k...

Asking For Self, Female 26

Teeth Problem

mery dantoun me bht drd hta kch b kha lu to b pain hta h or agar koi Thandi ya mithi cheez kha lu to bht ziada drd hta h thanda pani penay sy b drd hta h or dantoun me pilahat b h

Asking for Self, Female, 19 years old

Gums Swelling

My gums are swollen for more than a month but no pain etc. i used to drink water after tea i think this problem happened then what should i do for swollen gums

Asking for Self, Female, 25 years old

Tooth Ach Oral

Aslam o alaikum Mera wisdom tooth nikal raha h ar is ko taqrabn 6 7 mahine hugae h ab darh nikalo nh rahi h ar jis ki waja se darh wali side andar ki taraf koi zakham sa lagta h ar jiski wala se m mun nh khol pa rahi hu chabane m...

Asking For Self, Male 31

Swollen Gums And Whiteness In Gums

Hello Drs , I have been experiencing the swelling in gums and also white like something in the gums . these are painful and unable to eat the spicy foods as well . please guide me . pictures are also attached for reference. thanks

Asking For Other, Male 9

Teeth Whitening

mera beta 9 years ka hai us k front k teeth black ho rahay hain regular brush b krta hai.plz kch suggest kr dain

Asking for Mother, Female, 38 years old

Dental Problem

Aoa mjy left side ki 2nd last darh ka bhht pain ha swallowing b ha jb m Augmentin625mg MODACT-IR100mg or Narprium550 mg medicines use krun tb blkul aram a jata or agr ak time b na dwai lon tu bht sakht dard hojata h

Asking For Self, Female 33

Infected Tooth (dentist)

Salam Dr I get crown on infected tooth 12 years ago Without root canal now Dr did x-ray they said infection is severe if we do rct we have to remove crown maybe tooth also fall , that tooth backside gum swellon and painful now If...

Asking For Self, Female 40

Dentel Pain

daar niklwai hui he kafi pahly ab pain boht he to sojan he boht mouth py

Asking For Self, Female 23

Tooth Discoloration/brownish Color And Eye Bulging

Kindly check wether I need to remove Molar teeth as it is getting discolored/having brownish color (don't have any pain), touching to the oral cavity. (felt sudden color changed). Need consultation from Dentist(s) Please suggest tr...

Asking For Self, Female 19

Teeth Problem

aoa dear Dr ...mere sath problem ha ik k jab ma Rat ko soti hun to jab uthti hun to mere mouth ma Wal dala hua hota ha jse dar k pass sy Mera mun khulta b nai ha zada zor lga k kholny ki koshish krun to kraky niklty heinn