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Ent Surgeon

Want To Nose Reshaping

I want to reshape my nose how much cost of surgery

Ent Surgeon

Rhinoplasty Aka Nose Job

I need to Resolve Deviated Septum and Remove Bump. I'd like how much this would cost (min and max price range). Also any good doctor with good rep and such prior experience. Don't wanna take risks.

Ent Surgeon

Canker Sore

I get these sores usually. But sometimes they get severe. This time. It’s severe and its been 2 weeks. I got them under my tongue and cheeks. It is really difficult to speak. Even eat. I dont know why they happen. I tried ENT docs...

Ent Surgeon

Left Eye Problem

I occasionally wear contact lenses . I wore it last weeek and after sometimes my left eyes turned red so I immediately remove it. After the whole next day my left eye remained red . I didn't get that whether it's an infectio...

Ent Surgeon

Nose Piercing Pus

Im 22yrs and one months back I had a nose piercing and after10-15 days I have a pus in nose piercing area from outside then I use cicatrin powder and it heals after 3 days use but after12 days it again appear pus and tiny blood drop...

Ent Surgeon

Lump Behind Ear

I noticed a hard, immovable lump behind ear yesterday that does not feel tender upon touching. should I be concerned?

Ent Surgeon

Reduced Hearing

The hearing in my left ear was reduced as compared to my right one. I went to a doctor he said there was infection and then he cleaned the ear and it became normal. Now, after three months the same condition is again in effet. What...

Ent Surgeon

Inhaled Button Battery

My 13 year old brother inhaled a button battery through his left nostril. Unable to find an ent at this time. Please suggest immediate course of action

Ent Surgeon


Dr sab mai ny may 2018 mai naak ka opration karwaya tha dns ka left side se .. Usi side pe swelling hoi hai 6 week hogaye splinter nikalny se ab yak swelling mai koi farak ni para i feel unconftable and irretation in the left nostr...

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