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My father has fistula according to the dr he reccomends fituagram..z this test necessary or it can b treated with medication only..the test cost around 7000 z it necessary to go for such costly test without any initial medication......

General Physician


I got an injury on my leg 6 months ago, my right side of the jaw feels a little stiff (just a little bit). I had a tetanus shot 10 years ago, is it ok if I get one now? (I mean koi complications tou nahi hongi ager chot k 6 months b...

General Physician

Emergency Plz

today i ve took theragran ultra and after two or 3 hours theragran H Tablet..... after that i m suffering from sevear headache and nausea..... headache is like migrane type...my b.p was 110/80 ... normally i m a low b.p person . lat...

General Physician

Chronic Dry Cough

My mother is taking this medication for Migraine. Tab. Paraxyl CR25mg Tab. Sensival 25mg Tab. ITP 150mg Tab. Novoteph 40mg She has also done one week course with Tab. Kestine 10mg but there was no improvement. Cough is dry in natur...

General Physician

Food Re-chewing

A habit or a disease not known but he used to eat and after some time finishing eating the food travel back in mouth, he re chew it and then eat. Every thing is normal all reports clear

General Physician


few months ago probably March 2017 I was visiting my grandmother and a thorn got under my skin (just above my ankle). it was quite irritating so I thought of removing it, I used a safety pin to get it out but it got poked in my skin...

General Physician

Constipation With Back Muscular Pain And Severe Cold, Fever And Cough

Hello doctor! I hope you are doing well. I am a student and I am suffering from this constipation problem very badly. It last for more than 1 week but this time I don't know what to do and howhat can I just get rid of it . Inconj...

General Physician


Mysis bp always shows 109/68 and this time it shows 146/59 is it nrmal? Or somethng to worry

General Physician

Sotay Hwe Mooh Se Paani

Assalam o Alaikum Mai jab soya hota hoon tou mere mooh se paani bohat nikalta hai plz guide me kya karoon is k liye.????

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