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Eye Me Infection

mere 5 year ke bete hy os ke dono.eye me problem the har koi kahta ise ise doc ko dekhao jab hum ne Kal ose doc ko dekhaya doc ne jab test kiye to bataya ke is ke ankho per padaishe parde hy or Nazar bhe kam hy operation Hoga plz ba...


منہ اور آنکھ کا ٹیڑھا ہونا .....

دو دنوں سے ایک کان اور سر کے ایک طرف درد تھا آج منہ اور آنکھ دونوں ٹیڑھے ہیں ...آپ سے گزارش ہے کہ مجھے کوئی دوایئ تجویز کریں


Eyes Problem

i hve eyes allergy so plz suggest me a good allergy drops thanks


Yellowing Of Eyeball

there is a problem with my sister. there is yellowish appearance in her sclera. a doctor suggested lipid profile. I'm uploading screenshot, please check and tell me the issues thank you


Eyes Itching May Be Due To Dust Or Dryness Anything Else

eyes ma kharish ho rhi h kharish krny ki wja lal ho gae or eyes ma drd b h shayad nhaty wkt soap chala gya tha gulab arq dal ra hn kharish bht zyada h


Eyesite Issue

I have attached a post from your page.. I am having related issue(eye site) after eating some medicine.. I dont know which dr to connect.. Please recommend me some good specialist in this field


About My Eye Operation

Aoa when i was 1 years old,i fell down and something hits my eye, operation was successful but my eyeball is half,is there any solution?


Eye Problem

meri age 24 kmzori hai ya mobile ka zyada us krna kuch smjh nh araha lekin pichly ak derh saal se ankhen andr ko dhuns rahi hain kindly solution suggest krden shukrya?


Meri Eyes K 12 Saal Sy Elajy H Awr Ab Nazar K Kmzoori Bi H Doctor Keh Rahy H K Asy Lyzaar Krwalo Koi Aysa Haal H K Y Bagir Lyzaar K Tk Hujayi Plz Reply Me

Meri eye k 12 saal sy elajy h awr ab Nazar k kmzoori bi h doctor keh rahy h k asy lyzaar krwalo koi aysa haal h k y bagir lyzaar k tk hujayi plz reply me mi married bi hu awr bachybi h

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