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Premature Hair Greying

Salam doctors. I'm facing this problem of premature graying of hair for 6 years now. Can someone recommend any diet or supplements to STOP premature Greying of hair? Any tips & tricks to reverse grey hair sinc it's not a gene...


Patches On Tongue

This type of patches comes and goes in different places kindly give solution for this


My Wife Is Pregnant (7+ Months), Here Is CBC Report

Salam, Kindly Check the report. Is everything Ok? Hb level little bit lower (10.4) then Normal. I'm here to find best way to recover Hb level? Which is the best way? Supplements (Drips etc) Or Natural Way (carrot juice etc)? Ki...


Hair Fall And Acne

I have severe hair fall and thin hair. I wznt to use biotin 10000mcg. Kindly tell me if its effective, how to take and fies it cause weight gsin or not? I need suggestions regarding multivitamins please. I want to fix hormons...


Bleeding In Pregnancy

Aoa.doctor I m 8 week pregnant I have bleeding with no pains just normal thigh pain Doctor do scan and said pregnancy is safe Suggest me trizemine capsule for 5 days 1+1+1 I m already taken duphastan and folicacid My questi...


Genital Warts And Mouth Issue

Shadi k ek sal bad body pay black type k spot ayi doctor ko dikhya kisi ny rabies kisi nay sarosics declear kiya thn wo remove hogye 2018 say mouth anadr say red rehta 2 to 4 warts hai ganital area pay ,gum sissue hai gingivits i th...


Pimple Like Bump On Penis

Im 25 years old and I noticed first this lesion 3 months back. I thought it to be a usual pimple and was thinking that it will go away on its own. BUT it's still there. Sexual history is positive They were only two at first on...

General Physician

Want To Look Healthy

I m going 2 merry aftr 15 days and need a medicine 2 look healthy fat can it posible? and how? any medicine?


Placenta Previa

Asslam o Alikum My wife is 24 weeks pregnant with having placenta previa.She previously had 2 c-sections.I just want to know, is there any complications in pregnancy as well as for baby because of placenta previa? I shall be very...

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