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Brown Spotting In 15th Week Of Pregnancy

My wife is 15th week pregnant.. Everything is ok till today.. But today she has brown spotting with mild abdominal pain.. What may the reason.. Is anything to worry??

General Physician

Dengue Report

Aoa can u please comment on the attached reports as the patient does not have access to any doctor right now.


Brain Problem

hi madam actually ma Bhool jati hn chaker aty hain har waqt parshan rahti hn deepration ma rahti hn har waqt takha takha sa rahta damag mara kuxh bhi karnay ko dil nhi karta gusa bht ata hai choti choti bt pa cheer chara pan bhi hai...


Hb Is 9 In 7th Month Of Pregnancy, Having History Of Anemia

as salam o alaikum, I'm 7 months pregnant at the time I conceived my hb was 10.8 since my second CBC test my hb has been stuck on 9... I have a history of low hb in past too.. my dr has prescribed me only fefolvit and nueromet so fa...



Hi doctor, I have missed periods for a time of 1week, and on 5th day of missed periods 2 strips showed to be positive. But on 6th n 7th day strips showed negative results. A white discharge is observed with some stomach cramps n mi...


Hair Fall Issues

hair fall issue inherited ha ye cheez


IBS And Gastro

Can you guys please describe some medicines . Ma kch bh khati hon thri dyr bad pain start o jati h peat ma then I have to run to washroom or kch bh khati hon Gas bnana shru o jati ha , kindly please prescribe something and also tell...

General Physician

H Pylori + Ve

My brother have h pylori + from last 3 months. sometime normal some time have fever. CRP is 48.93


Bleeding Issue

Periods date 27 sep thi last or 1st intercourse 20 ko hua lkin wo b complete nahi hua start my hi bleeding start hogai thi or tab sy ab tak bleeding nahi ruk rahii esa ho sakta k intercourse ki waja sy periods start ho gaye hon??

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