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Ms. Sidra Batool


Bs Psychology


3 Yrs



Depression Anxiety Family Problems Suicidal Cases

Alshafi hospital, Railway Road, Jhelum

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Rs. 1,000

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Rs. 1,000

About Alshafi hospital

Marham has enlisted 1 qualified and experienced doctors available at Alshafi hospital, Jhelum. They provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of major and minor medical conditions. The hospital also provides various services, helping patients to acquire quality healthcare.

You can book an appointment or consult online with any doctor available at Alshafi hospital, Jhelum based on their medical experience, availability hours, fee range, clinic/hospital location, services, and positive reviews from patients. All the doctors available in this hospital are well-qualified and experienced in their respective specialties, and you can find their complete details on Marham.

Top Doctors at Alshafi hospital, Jhelum

The top doctors available at Alshafi hospital, Jhelum are as follows:

Alshafi hospital Fee Range

The consultation fee for each department and doctor usually varies. But at Alshafi hospital, Jhelum, the consultation fees range from Rs 1,000 PKR - 1,000 PKR.

Alshafi hospital Timings

The different departments at Alshafi hospital are operational at different times. You can further check the appointment timings and availability of the doctors by calling Marham at 0311-1222398.

Alshafi hospital Address

The address of the Alshafi hospital, Jhelum is Alshafi hospital Pind dadan khan, Railway Road, Jhelum.

Alshafi hospital Contact Number

You can seek any information about Alshafi hospital, Jhelum by calling 0311-1222398.

Appointment Details

If you want to book an appointment or consult online with any doctor at Alshafi hospital, Jhelum, then call Marham’s helpline at 0311-1222398 or you can also book online.

Moreover, you can also call our helpline to know the availability of doctors and services or to schedule your consultation at Alshafi hospital, Jhelum.

Furthermore, you can also download our app on Android and IOS by clicking here to find more information regarding the service or doctor you’re searching for.

We look forward to being a partner in your journey to perfect health!

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the top reviewed doctors in Alshafi hospital, Jhelum:
The following are the most experienced doctors in Alshafi hospital, Jhelum:
The operational timings of Alshafi hospital may vary by department. However, the hospital's emergency is operational 24/7. For specific information, you can call us on Marham at 0311-1222398.
You can book an appointment with any doctor or get any service available at Alshafi hospital via Marham. You can also schedule an appointment by calling Marham’s helpline at 0311-1222398.
No! You don't have to pay extra charges if you book your appointment via Marham.