Fungal Infections - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Doctors For Fungal Infections

Profile Photo of Infectious Diseases in Islamabad - Dr. Umar Saeed

Dr. Umar Saeed

Infectious Diseases, Liver Specialist, Allergy Specialist, Family Medicine, Vaccine Specialist

Post-Doc (S.Kor), PhD (S.Kor), FCR (Harvard USA), FPH (Royls Coll Phy UK), CIEH (UK), IDSR (WHO), DPH (PSEC), CPHE (ICMSR), IPC (WHO), CCRC (USA) GHC (WHO), IPPCR (USA), CGCP (NIDA USA), JRA-OT (WHO), PMP (USA), ICG (WHO), LMO (S.Kor), IMS (WHO), CCTM (USA), TOPIK (S.Kor), PSEA (WHO), STI (PK), PISA (WHO), DRM (WHO), RWE (KARA S.Kor), NSER (KFNSER S.Kor), AMR-NAP (WHO), CMR-IPV (WHO), ACRP-Cert (USA) MS&BS (NUST PK), Member ACRP (USA), Member AGA (USA), Member CDA (USA), Member IHME (USA), Mem


11 Yrs



Video Consultation

Available today

Rs. 1,200

Profile Photo of Vaccine Specialist in Lahore - Prof. Dr. Saleha Naushahi

Prof. Dr. Saleha Naushahi

Vaccine Specialist



10 Yrs

Video Consultation

Available from Feb 23

Rs. 2,000

Defense Clinic, DHA Defence, Lahore

Available from Feb 23

Rs. 1,500

Chicago Clinics Limited, Civil Lines, Lahore

Available from Feb 23

Rs. 1,500

Summary about Fungal Infections

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