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Pediatric Fractures - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

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Summary about Pediatric Fractures

Pediatric bones are significantly more porous, less dense, and penetrated throughout by the capillary channels when compared to adult bones. They have a lower bending strength, lower modulus of elasticity, and lower mineral content. The lower bending strength causes more strain in the pediatric bone than the same stress on an adult bone, and the lower modulus of elasticity allows a greater energy absorption before failure.

Pediatric Fractures Facts and Figures

The National Library of Medicine has reported that 42% of boys and 27% of girls will suffer a fracture during childhood. Some further facts and statistics related to pediatric fractures are given below:

Prevalence of Pediatric Fractures40-50%
Common inBoth boys and girls 
At-Risk GenderBoys
Average Age for DiagnosisDuring childhood
Problems related to Pediatric Fractures Joint problems, blood vessel damage, infections
Specialists Who Treat Pediatric Fractures Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

Symptoms of Pediatric Fractures

The symptoms of a pediatric fracture include:

  • swelling or pain in the injured limb
  • obvious deformity in an injured area
  • difficulty to move or use the injured area in a usual manner
  • bruising, warmth, or redness in an injured area

In case your child has any of the symptoms of fracture, visit a doctor as soon as possible. Book an appointment to see the Best Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeons in Pakistan now. Call at the Marham Helpline: 0311-1222398

Causes of Pediatric Fractures

Breaks in the bones can happen due to:

  • overuse injuries
  • falls
  • trauma
  • a direct hit to the body

You can also read more about How To Protect Yourself From Osteoporosis Bone Fractures.

Preventive Measures of Pediatric Fractures

Fractures in childhood are common, though some children are more susceptible than others. To prevent fractures, make sure your child is:

  • getting enough calcium
  • doing exercises to strengthen bones
  • doing weight-bearing exercises like jumping rope, walking and jogging could also help develop and maintain strong bones.

Pediatric Fractures Treatment

Treatment of pediatric fractures may include:

  • Splint or cast. By doing so, the broken bone is kept in place while it heals.
  • Medicine. Certain medicines help ease the pain.
  • Traction. During this therapy, the muscles and tendons surrounding the broken bone are gently stretched, allowing the ends of the bone to align and heal. It uses pulleys, weights, strings, and a metal frame attached over or on the bed.
  • Surgery. Depending on the type of broken bone, the child may require surgery to repair it. To keep the bone pieces in place, a surgeon may use metal rods or pins inside or outside of the body. This assists them in healing in the proper posture.