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How can I find treatment of Diabetic Foot?

Marham enlists the best specialist doctors for Diabetic foot examination service in Attock. Get the service based on the hospital location, patient reviews, and cost for Diabetic foot examination Attock.

What is Diabetic foot examination?

A diabetic foot examination is an assessment that helps evaluate the health of diabetic's feet. Diabetics are at higher risk of developing foot issues. Impaired immune response and elevated blood sugar levels slow down the process of healing. Thus, regular examination can reduce the risks of foot complications, preventing ulcers or amputation.  

What is the price of diabetic foot examination in Attock?

The doctor's consultation fee for diabetic foot examination ranges between 1,000 - 3,500 PKR. However, the price varies depending on the doctor's qualification and consultation mode.

Is Diabetic foot examination painful?

Patients with diabetic feet may feel a sharp, shooting pain accompanied by numbness. Sometimes, examining feet ulcers, infections, or open wounds can also cause severe discomfort.

What is the procedure for Diabetic foot examination?

The procedure for diabetic foot examination is as follows:

  • Visual Inspection: The healthcare provider visually examines the feet. He looks for any abnormalities, skin changes, wounds, or infections. Signs of redness, swelling, calluses, blisters, or ulcers are also considered.

  • Sensation Test: The doctor may perform a sensory examination to assess nerve function and detect any loss of sensation. This is typically done using a monofilament. It is a soft nylon fiber that is applied to specific areas of the feet to test if the individual can feel it.

  • Pulses Examination: The healthcare provider will check the pulses in the feet to evaluate blood circulation. Fingers or a handheld Doppler device is used to feel the pulses.

  • Foot Structure Assessment: Then the healthcare provider evaluates the alignment and structure of the feet, looking for any deformities, such as bunions or hammertoes.

  • Range of Motion Examination: Testing the range of motion in the feet and ankles can help identify any limitations, joint issues, or stiffness that may affect mobility.

  • Footwear Evaluation: The healthcare provider may assess the individual's footwear choices and discuss proper footwear for diabetes management. They may provide recommendations for supportive shoes or inserts.

  • Education and Advice: The doctor also provides guidance on foot care and hygiene. This includes ways to inspect the feet regularly, nail health tips, and skincare.  

Note that additional steps based on the patient's condition may be included. If you have specific concerns or questions about a diabetic-foot examination, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional who can provide personalized guidance.

How can you book an appointment for Diabetic foot examination Attock?

You can book a diabetic foot examination scan service in Attock through Marham. The best doctor for diabetic foot examination in Attock provides this service for diagnosing foot issues in diabetics at reasonable rates.