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How can I find treatment of Skin Whitening?

Skin whitening treatment is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the amount of skin pigment called Melanin. Melanin is responsible for the darkening of the skin. The amount of melanin in the skin depends upon your genetic makeup, however, sun exposure, chemical exposure, or skin damage may increase melanin production resulting in freckles, moles, spots, or a darker, uneven skin tone.

What is a Skin Whitening Treatment?

Skin whitening treatment blocks the melanin pigment production in your skin which is responsible for your darker skin tone. Skin whitening treatment acts on the enzyme ‘tyrosinase’ which is responsible for melanin production. This can be done by various bleaching agents, laser treatment, injections, or surgery.

 Whitening treatments are performed in a skin whitening clinic and can be used to treat hyperpigmented skin, moles, freckles, or acne spots. It is also widely used to achieve an even, vibrant, and fair skin tone in general.

How Skin Whitening Treatment is done in Istanbul?

Skin whitening treatments are of different types that are performed by skin whitening doctors. They include;

  • Chemical peel: The alpha-hydroxy acid solution is applied to exfoliate the upper damaged layer. It can be performed in light, medium, or deep strengths depending on the concentration of the solution 

  • Laser treatment: A light beam focuses the areas and blocks melanin production through a laser

  • Skin Whitening injections: Glutathione skin whitening injections are used in skin clinics to minimize melanin production in the targeted areas

  • Skin whitening products: Bleaching agents are applied to the skin to lessen the melanin production 

Consult a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon to decide on the type of treatment based on your skin type and other medical considerations.

Is Skin Whitening Treatment Painful?

Skin whitening treatment can be irritating or minimally painful depending upon the type of your procedure. An experienced dermatologist can make the treatment pain-free.

Benefits of Skin Whitening Treatment

Skin whitening treatment has many advantages;

  • It evens out the skin tone

  • Treats acne spots

  • Treats freckles

  • Lightens the dark spots

  • Treats hyperpigmentation

  • Restores the skin glow and vibrancy

  • Peels off the damaged layer of skin for lightening the skin tone

How long does Skin Whitening Treatment last?

Skin whitening treatment is permanent and lasts life long but the procedure may take some time to complete. Book your appointment right away with the top skin whitening specialist in Istanbul through Marham. 

What is Skin Whitening Treatment cost in Istanbul?

The cost of whitening injections in Istanbul can vary from 7000 PKR to 8000 PKR in 2022, depending on which skin clinic you choose. It depends on the skin doctor and the location of the skin whitening clinic.

Book your appointment with a doctor or online video consultation through Marham for the best skin whitening treatment and to know their cost in Istanbul.

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