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Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayesha Irfan Sethi

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Patient Questions from Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayesha Irfan Sethi

Asking for Self, Male, 21 years old

Molar Tooth Pain Due To Cavity

I have pain in molar tooth due to cavity and Doctor suggested root canal but I did not have it. It has been over 7 years and 3 years ago, I got prescribed Tonoflex-p and have been using it since then. It is an opioid and is also not...

Posted 1 week ago

Asking For Other, Male 4

Teeth Alignment

Hi Dentals - My son is 4 years old and he has a bad habbit of thumb sucking from the start, now it has been decreased but his teeth Alignment got disturbed badly, so i need your valuable suggestions before going to proceed. Thank Yo...

Asking For Self, Female 27

Teeth Pain

میرے دو دانتوں کے درمیان جڑوں میں ہلکا سا سوراخ ہے۔۔ تین چار دن سے ایسا ہو رہا ہے جب میں لیٹتی ہوں درد شروع ہو جاتا ہے۔۔ میری پریگننسی کا دوسرا منتھ ہے ۔۔ کاہنڈلی کوئی دوائی تجویز کر دیں ۔۔ جس سے پریگننسی کو نقصان نا ہو ۔۔اور درد بھ...

Asking For Self, Female 25

Overbite Teeth

my case is front 2 teeth of upper jaw are moderately over bite. how long will it take to re- align with metal braces? and how much it cost from semi private hospitals?

Asking for Wife, Female, 31 years old

Pain In Teeth

AOA my wife is pregnant since 4 months facing pain problem in teeth. she use Amoxil with Panadol but pain goes for temporary. Someone ask me to use Enziclor mouth wash. is it safe during pregnancy or any suggestion for treatment?

Asking For Self, Female 32

Dental Treatment Gone Wrong

hello I have a frenum on top of my teeth that doesn't allow them to stay closed. I have a distance in my above teeth that makes me very self conscious and I have a Maryland in my lower teeth since I am missing a tooth in my lower gu...

Asking For Self, Male 17

Teeth Whitening Problem

hello sir aoa sir Meri age 17+ hai aur jab me 5 saal ka tha tab mere teeth's ko keera lagne ki waja se kharab hogaye but jab bachpan k daant nikalne k baad new daant nikal aaye to wa kaafi waqt tak healthy rahe aur ab mere daant Pee...

Asking for Wife, Female, 28 years old

Teeth Pain

Please advise karen Meri wife pregnant hai Or unke teeth main pain hai kafi medicine nahi lay sakti koi aisi advise den jis say pain kum hojaye... Urgent advance thanks

Asking For Self, Female 30

Wisdom Tooth Is Not Growing

hi everyone!!! I have a sever pain in my wisdom tooth and surrounding teeth. My wisdom tooth is not grow completely it's about 4-5 months only 3 edges are extracted and one side is not extracted yet for about 2 months. I have checke...