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Dr. Samia Khan

General Physician - جنرل فزیشن

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Patient Questions from Dr. Samia Khan

Asking for Mother, Female, 45 years old

Weakness And Pain

She has feeling pain in throat and to much weakness for one month . no covid

Asking for Self, Female, 22 years old

Fast Heart Beat

My heartbeat gets abnormal oftenly. I am very afraid why does it happen. Specially when i go upstairs. Or at anytime. Unable to find a reason. It gets faster and i don't know what to do when this happens.

Asking For Self, Female 37


Aoa.my 3 day blood suger chart fasting and random after 2 hours of meal.kindly look into it and guide me accordingly.day 1 fasting 116 random 104 day 2 fasting103 random121 day 3 fasting 112 random 142.PS.my parents are diebatic sin...

Asking For Mother, Female 64

Pain In Both Arms (shoulders To Elbow)

Meri mother ki dono arms main pain hai from shoulders to elbow.Jab Ye pain shuru hua the Tu seenay main bhi tha Ab Sirf arms main hai. Kabhi ziada ho jata hai Kabhi kam Pichlay 2 Din say. Which doctor to go?

Asking for Father, Male, 65 years old

Chest Discomfort

Hello, my father is complaining about chest discomfort sometimes specially while walking in a fast way. ECG was normal I am attaching a chest x-ray and report saying "No active lung parenchymal lesion seen correlate clinically&...

Asking For Self, Male, 35 Years old

Numbness And Dizziness Also Sudden Hearing Loss From Right Ear 1 Year Ago

Dear Respectable Doctors, My Name is Zeeshan, 35 years old and I am living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. About one and half years ago I started facing numbness issue on my whole right si...

Asking For Mother, Female 68

Black Stool

My mother stool was black and HB level dropped to 4.5 and after that we gave him 3 packs of Red blood cells.( She been on Inhalers Ventoline and Sertide ) ...Her Lft reports and Hepatitus B and C are also Normal except Alkaline phos...

Asking For Other, Male 36

MRI Report Lumbro Sacral Spine

Asslam O Alaikum kindly briefly describes this report and tell me which type of treatment will required

Asking For Self, Female, 55 Years old

High Blood Platelets

My recent Cbc report has 17 lac 76 thousand platelets - any recommendations for doctors and medicines.

Asking for Father, Male, 69 years old

Saturation Drop During Walking

I want to ask the what is the reason fir the increase of crp. Although he is not facing saturation issues when in laid down position but during movement ti washroom he complains that he is facing some breathing issue. Saturation mo...

Asking For Brother, Male 28

Hyper Hydoxia

My brother remained TB patient when he was 6 years old but got treatment and recovered, he has spits sputum always but his TB test comes normal, he contracted Covid two weeks ago, got checked in Kulsoom International hospital and Dr...

Asking for Mother, Female, 64 years old

Infection Has Seen From Urine DR Report

My mum was having trouble and irritation while urinating. She got a urine DR test done from aga khan to know the issue. There is nitrites, haemoglobin and Leukocyte esterase in the urine. Can someone please suggest what anti biotic...

Asking For Self, Female 27

Test Results

assalamualaikum kch din pehly test krwae thy to AP reports dekh k btaden sb thk hai k nhi ND abhi shadi hui hai hai Meri to thyroid ki wja s koi ISSUE to nhi huga

Asking For Father, Male 55

Blood Test Reports

These are blood reports of my father. Recently he was diagnosed with 400 sugar. Now after two hours of eating his sugar is 244 Are these test reports fine? My father excercise alot. He is a non smoker. We are waiting for HBA1C.

Asking For Self, Male 51

Fast Heartbeat

i feel fast heartbeat around 100-110

Asking For Father, Male 55

High Blood Sugar Please Guide Us!

My father is MashAllah healthy. He only have high bp issue for that he is using byscard 2 5. Kuch dino say unko lower right back pain ho raha tha. For that we gave him nuberol forte. Ajj unka after eating blood sugar wesay he check...

Asking For Husband, Male 44


My husband is having piles since 5years. He went to a general surgeon and he said that its grade 1 so does not require surgery. And control it with diet like omit spicy meals and meat. From the last few days he is again having pain...

Asking For Self, Male 38

How To Donate Plasma

I got my Covid deducted and then Negative respectively after 15 days. When did I go for antibodies test ? When & how can I donate my plasma. Will appreciate the kind response. Regards