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Asking For Self, Female 37, lahore

Aoa.my 3 day blood suger chart fasting and random after 2 hours of meal.kindly look into it and guide me accordingly.day 1 fasting 116 random 104 day 2 fasting103 random121 day 3 fasting 112 random 142.PS.my parents are diebatic since years.am 37 years old

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Nuha Mahmood

W salam, this is okayðŸ‘🻠do you have any complaint of increased thirst, increased hunger, weight loss and increased urination?

General Physician in Muzaffar Garh - Dr. Asad Ijaz Malik

Dr. Asad Ijaz Malik - General Physician

BSc, MBBS, MPH (PGT) | Muzaffar Garh


11 Positive Reviews

its almost normal ,but you are pre diabetic bcoz of family history therefore you should avoid weight gain ,stay active ,daily walk , regulate weighy in BMi index . avoid junk food , avoid excess sugar intake . drink planty of water.
and keep minitoring blood sugar on and off but not no need ti monitor daiky basis.
you also need to get test for HBA1C as a precaution for previous months blood sugar history.
rest you should modify your life style , thats it.
i hope you understand well. thank you


General Practitioner in Islamabad - Dr. Sunita Gill

Dr. Sunita Gill - General Practitioner

MBBS, MD, MCPS (Family Medicine) | Islamabad

your sugar levels are normal.if you have complains of increased thirst, hunger and increased urine.then you should get checked again for sugar levels as well as get HbA1C done

Member of Marham-Forum

Go for HbAic and you are supposed to chart your glucose levels for 6 times a day for one week charting in this way before breakfast 2 hrsafter breakfast Before lunch 2 hrs after lunch before dinner 2 hrs after dinner then consult online for further assistance

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Shahzeb

Dr. Shahzeb - General Practitioner

MBBS | Lahore


122 Positive Reviews

Dear pateint... U have a condition called pre-diabetes. ... U r at high risk of developing diabetes in future.... ... U need proper counseling about the treatment and dietry advice along with the life style modification so that in future u dont become diabetic... Its better that u consult me online so that I can guide u properly about how to prevent diabetes in future.....



General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Sabin

Kindly consult with me online

General Physician in Lahore - Dr. Samia Khan

Dr. Samia Khan - General Physician

MBBS, BCLS Specialist | Lahore


96 Positive Reviews

please consult me online for complete evaluation.

Ent Specialist in Lahore - Asst. Prof. Dr. Samar Zehra

Asst. Prof. Dr. Samar Zehra - Ent Specialist

MBBS, RMP, DLO (Otolaryngology) | Lahore


151 Positive Reviews

This is pre diabetic condition. You need to have sugar free diet . Blood sugar fasting levels & blood sugar 02 hrs after breakfast, lunch and dinner—-need to b assessed

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