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Patient Questions from Dr. Muhammad Akram Umrani

Asking For Self, Male 01

Kid Fever, Vomit, Discomfort

AoA, my kid is of 40 days. He is a bit warm from past few days. Today he has been vomiting a lot, spiting out very large quantity of milk. And his temperature is 39 in the armpit. What could be the reason. We are really scared.

Asking for Self, Male, 8 years old

Seizure Or Fits

Assalam u alaikum,mere beta 8 months ka tha jab first time wo soraha tha aur achanak utha to kuch dair to dekhta raha aur phir uski aankhen bhi ooper chali gyi thin sath sath wo behosh bhi hogya tha uski heart beat almost khatam hi...

Asking For Other, Male 4

Iron Drops ( For Pediatrician)

Assalamualaikum My son is 4 months old. his doctor prescribed (Ferosoft) 6 iron drops per day he is not taking it directly. can I mix it with his formula if yes then will formula milk expiration effect as I know It can be stored fo...

Asking For Other, Male 28

Stammering Issue

my kid is 4yrs old.suddenly he stammers.is this a genetic problem or any weakness issue?plz guide me

Asking for Other, Male, 03 years old

Chest And Nose Blockage Dye To Influenza

Aoa mera beta 3month k ha. Last 20days sa us ko zukam lga hua ha. Jis wjh sa balgam bn Gai aur us k nak b bnd rehta ha aur chest ma sa awaz ati ha jb sans leta ha. Please help kr dain es k Kya elaj ha.

Asking for Self, Female, 1.9 years old

Vomiting And Cranky

Asalamwalikum dear doctor mari beti 1.9 month ki hai weight almost 16kg hai Khana sahe khati hai magar ab ma note Kar rahi 2 week SA din ma 1 sa 2 time wo vomit Kar dati hai yeah to khanay Ka foran bad yeah bohat zayda ronay Ka bad...

Asking For Other, Male 2

Query For Pediatrician

Assalamualaikum I have a query and I am so confused about it I am using aqua fina or nestle water for the preparation of my 2 months old formula using Nan 1 recommended by his doctor now someone told me it's necessary to boil water...

Asking For Other, Male 6

Oral Thrush

mera beta 6 saal ka hai usko oral thrush rehta hai daant bhi kale ho rhe hain kamzor hai 17 lg weight only suggest any medicine

Asking For Self, Female 0

New Born Baby Jaundice

Please advised in new born baby jaundice case phototheraphy in capsule for 24 hours is necessary or we can get risk to without phototheraphy

Asking For Other, Female 5

Tongue Py Zakham

AoA meri beti 5 yrs ki h or uski tongue py chaaly bany huy h jb ye matti ya cement khati thi tb hi bnty thy lkn ab wo ni khati kuch b esa lkn phr bn gy h or smell ati h isky munh se oral hygiene ka m khyal rakhti hu lkn mjy iski cau...

Asking For Other, Female 1

Peads Consultancy

Aoa. my baby is 15 months old, till now I have been using formula (Nan 3). Now, I have started fresh cow's milk so want to know the best multivitamins that I can give her as cow milk causes iron deficiency. The multivitamins that I...

Asking for Other, Female, 3 years old

Pediatrics (eating Mitti )

Salam Meri beti 3 year ki hai aur wo boht ziada mitti aur paint ghar ka hata hata k khati hai main boht pareshan hn kindly iska koi ilaj hai to batade

Asking for Self, Female, 25 years old

About My Son Diet

Asalamoalaikum mera beta 2 years ka hogaya hai..but woh abi tk proper khana nahw khaata ..roti ya paratha dene ki bht koshsh krti hoon .phir bhi nahe khata please guide kren Or suggest kren kli acga bhook lagne ka syrup thankyou

Asking For Mother, Male 01

Cow Milk

is cow milk good for 2 month baby

Asking For Self, Female 24

Cradle Caps On Baby Head

Please check the picture of my son's head. He is 7 months old. Suggest me best treatment please

Asking For Self, Female 35

Loose Motion In 2 Months Old Formula Milk Baby

my baby is 2 months old having loose motion .what should is do? she is crying .motions are 5-6 in 24 hours

Asking For Self, Male 2


hi my son is of 2 years and his weight is just 10kgs. Can i add Procod syrup in his routine bcz he doesnot eat well otherwise very active. ingredients of the syrup are in pic. is this brand trust worthy. plz guide.

Asking For Other, Male 3

Constipation And Abdominal Pain

My 3.5 year old son hasn't pooped in 3 days and he has constipation problems since 2 to 3 months on and off. He is also having some abdominal pain i believe it's because he is holding his poop for too long. And this problem of my so...

Asking For Other, Male 2

Jism Kamzor Ho Raha Hai Aur Pet Barha Hoa Hai

Mera beta taqreban derh saal ka hai jab hoa tha tab to sehat sahi thi lekin ab jism kamzor hogaya hai haddiyan Nazar aati Hain aur pet barha hoa nikla hoa Nazar aata hai khata peeta bhi sahi hai lekin kamzor hogaya hai face utra hoa...

Asking For Self, Female 22

A.o.a Mera Baby 8 Month Ka Ha

or abi bethna shuru howa hai lekn uska posture thk nhi ha bohat jhuk k bethta hai uski kmar ke hadi bahir nikli nazr ati hai week b ho rha kafi phly healthy tha koi suggestions dijeye .ma bohat preshan hun