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Asking For Self, Male 01, Pindi

AoA, my kid is of 40 days. He is a bit warm from past few days. Today he has been vomiting a lot, spiting out very large quantity of milk.

And his temperature is 39 in the armpit. What could be the reason. We are really scared.

Pediatrician in Quetta - Dr. Muhammad Akram Umrani

Dr. Muhammad Akram Umrani - Pediatrician



4 Positive Reviews

Walekum Assalam WRWB
Vomiting in a huge amount is risky at this age as baby get dehydrated very soon. Better to visit a Pediatrician so that he/she may be managed and the cause of vomiting sorted out.

Pediatrician in Karachi - Dr. Hareesh

Dr. Hareesh - Pediatrician

MBBS, FCPS | Karachi


4 Positive Reviews

may be infection better to check it physically

Pediatrician in Lahore - Dr. Sehrish Shabbir

Dr. Sehrish Shabbir - Pediatrician

MBBS, FCPS (Paedriatrics) | Lahore

please get him checked

Pediatrician in Larkana - Dr. Kartar Lal Dodai

Dr. Kartar Lal Dodai - Pediatrician

MBBS | Larkana


3 Positive Reviews

- No problem, don't worry.
- Stop to give Bottle feed.
- Continue Breast Feed. After every feed, you must bur up your Baby.
- For fever, no need to give Panadol drops, only open your baby.

Pediatrician in Karachi - Dr. Ghulam Ali

Dr. Ghulam Ali - Pediatrician

| MBBS | FCPS* | | Karachi


2 Positive Reviews

walikum salam if kid is vomiting every feed and having fever plz check him physically

Pediatrician in Peshawar - Dr. Zeeshan Nawaz

Dr. Zeeshan Nawaz - Pediatrician

MBBS, FCPS I (Paediatrics) | Peshawar


1 Positive Reviews

Needs proper evaluation its not easy to just diagnose on the basis of hx needs further examination

General Physician in Multan - Dr. Muhammad Mudasir Saleem

any med used? what's his diet? motherfeed?

Pediatrician in Karachi - Dr. Sadaf Islam

Dr. Sadaf Islam - Pediatrician

MBBS, MCPS (Peads) | Karachi


11 Positive Reviews

vomiting with fever means infection bettr to chk physically by paediatrician ,stop bottle feed

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