2 Month After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Still In Pain


I have extracted my lower wisdom tooth 2 months ago and i am in still pain.My jaw is still stiff and gum near extraction site is still swelled and hard .There is a severe pain In my ear cheek area and in eye .


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Aoa. Call at 042-32591427, for clinical examination and xray if needed.


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Dear patient
You have a post extraction complication.if the tooth was extracted properly and there is no remaining root fragment then you have Dry Socket.you need dressing for a week and your problem will be solved.
I practice at My Dentist in Johar town.You can book an appointment with me through marham.
Note: This diagnosis is totally based on description given by the patient.


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Get an xray done to check remenant of the tooth . Also use warm salone
rinses to get a bit of relief from swelling . Get it checked by Your dentist


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You need to go back to the dentost and get examined,you might have a root
raminent over there or a infection
This can only be seen in a xray


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I have x ray for many times there is no remaining root .Dr said it is dry socket and he dressed the wound now the extraction site is completely heel but pain and swelling is still

1 year ago


If u are done with ur extraction 2months ago than it must be checked again..
Need to see your xrays first than i can say anything on it because it might be other tooth causing problem, or it might br ur tmj problem or drysocket.. it couldbe anything.
I ll suggest you to visit ur nearer dentsit n get done with ur consultation


Dear Patient you need to actually visit a dentist so that we can diagnose
exact reason for this problem....it maybe some damage to some nerve muscle
or ligament..... It's really difficult to advise treatment without seeing
it climically


Plz visit same dentist from where u have done the extraction or any other dentist. 


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Assalam o alikum,
There can be many reasons of your pain. I will quote all of them so u can
get a better knowledge.

1. May be the part of the root of the tooth is broken and still left there.
Do u feel any pain on pressure?

2. May be u didnt take all the post operative precautions which resulted in
dry socket which is basically unhealed socket. Do u feel any bitter taste?
Or is there discharge of any kind of pus?

3. May be the extraction u went under through causes stiffness of ur
muscles which is the result of limited mouth opening.

Majority of the people experience some kind of discomfort after the
extraction of wisdom tooth which includes limited mouth opening swelling
fever. But mostly it lasts for a week or two.

In ur case its been 2 months according to u. So its better to get a
complete checkup.

And I cant prescribe u medicines without examination but I will suggest you
to do warm salt water rinses / saline rinses atleast 3 glasses per day.

Hope this helps you. May Allah ease ur pain.

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