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Paraxyl Cr 12.5 For Social Anxiety And Fear

I have been using Paraxyl cr 12.5 medicine social anxiety and fear for thirteen days as advised by phsycatric it made a lot of difference in the first few days now it has stopped should I add more medicine or increase the dose?


Walking Issue

I have been facing this problem since March after deliver to a baby girl. I face breathing problem while walking fast additionally my heart beat was pretty good but when I went to park my mind told something bad is happen then I fee...


Psychiatrist/neurologist Main Kya Farq Hai???

mery dimag main hr waqt negative khayalat chlty rhty hain or hr bat ka weham hota h illusions aty hain jesy life ruk gai h or fear hopeless feel hota h. dimag ganoodgi m rha h rony ka dil chahta h. mera main masla khyalat h Jo chlty...


Psychiatrist Problem

Hello Doctors kafi years sy asa ha k .ma kesi b kam pr focus nahi kr pata ..asy lagta ha k ma har kam majbori ma kr raha ho .. na office ma teq perform krta ho na he new skill seekny ka dil krta ha .. jo b koi kam Start krta ho tu k...



Dr mughe dmag ma boht khayal ate ha..sara din thoughts chalti rehti ha unnecessary...mere concentration problem hote ha...mere life phele jese nhi ha ab...dmag ma sakoon nhi hota...social problems hote ha boht . ma social withdrawn...


Bipolar Affective Disorder

السلام علیکم ڈاکٹر Currently I am taking lamotrigine 100mg and Aripiprazole 10mg daily. With these medicines I am feeling quite better. Please let me know how long this treatment may last.



AOA drs. Well, i am a patient of depression from 2001 when i was felt fear and specially panic and lost all of my important years due to it and sleepiness all time my home member were went me to hakem i felt good less than one year...


Social Anxiety, Fear

السلام علیکم ڈاکٹر صاحبان میں نئے لوگوں، نئی جگہ پر جانے سے اپنی بات کرنے سے، لوگوں سے ملنے جلنے سے گھبراتا ہوں اور پرانے جاننے والوں سے جب انکی توجہ میرے اوپر ہو پھر بھی گھبرا جاتا ہوں، دل کی دھڑکن تیز ہو جاتی ہے، اکیلا رہتا ہوں کو...


Bipolar 1 Mania

please convey my problem to physciatrist not physcologist i was diasgnosed with bipolar 1 when was i depressed doctor prescribe me antidepresseant without mood stabilizer due to not known i have bipolar i convert into hypomania and...

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