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AOA. I had my upper 2 teeth up from their normal position right from the childhood after some accidents. I used temporary braces (which can be removed) when I was 15 years old. The teeth came back to their normal position and I stopped using the braces. But after 1 year, they were in the up position again. I didn't care much at that time but now I want them to get back to their normal position, in order to get my face shape regular. I am 24 years old now. I heard that there is specific age to get braces and I want to know if I still can. Also, I would want a economical solution, preferably monthly payment.


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Dr. Asifa Iqbal Can you please help him?


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Yes at your age it's possible. And regarding monthly package it's OK.
U need proper clinical evaluation


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Can you tell me what will be the total cost? And do send me your clinic's address. I will come for evaluation.

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