Bleeding Gum Or Cavity


What are main reason of cavity or bleeding gum or how it can be prevent


You need to get scaling done if it is gyms that are bleeding.


It's primarily due to swelling of gums due to plaque and tartar deposites


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Aoa. There are so many reasons for gum bleeding. Most common is not
brushing properly at proper time. The most important is to brush before
sleep and after breakfast.
Then proper brushing technique is of prime importance.
Scurvy or deficiency of Vit.C is another cause of gum bleeding.
In pregnancy, gum bleed more.
Improper selection of tooth brush may be another reason. People having some
other systemic diseaes may have gum bleeding like cardiac patients or
patitinets having some blood disease.
Its better to visit dentist for exact diagnosis and treatment. Contact me
at 042-32591427, 042-32591427, if needed.


Yaser Ishaq

If i would answer your question in a single word, the answer would be..."inadequate cleaning". Nothing else.
Get cleaning and filling of ur teeth done and maintain oral hygiene to prevent further...


Dear Patient,
The reason for bleeding gums and cavity is the improper brushing and eating
sugary food.. you are advised to visit your dentist and get the filling
done for cavities and scaling for bleeding gums.


Rida Fatima

The reason behind cavities is not brushing your teeth properly. And same goes for bleeding gum. If you are not brushing your teeth properly or not brushing at all, the food that you eat is depositing on to your tooth surfaces and forming a form of white plaque that is a home for bacteria. if you do not remove the plaque from brushing it will harden with time and form tartar (calculus) which inflame or swell the gums and cause bleeding. you need to need to visit your dentist for scaling.

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