Continous Pain In Uper Left Jaw


Continous pain in uper left jaw random pain in entire left side of the body... continous light feeling of vomitting... severity of pain sometimes become so high that can not perform normal activities... dentist were not able to diagnose any dential problem.


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Dear brother/sister i need to ask some question before jumpig to definitive diagnosis.Your brother is having sinusitis??

Dr. M. Shahrukh Lodhi
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When you say upper left jaw you are specifying it.There is no pain in lower left jaw ????

2 years ago


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Aoa. Dear kindly post your x rays if u have it . So that your brothers actual condition of the teeth can be seen. If u dont have it kindly get an x ray done named as OPG(orthopentogram)
It is a full mouth x ray.
The symptoms u are giving may be due to unerupted wisdom tooth.but final diagnosis will be given after ur x ray. Thanks.


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This information is not enough to make a daignosis kindly post pictures and xrays if you have also mention any medical condition he might have ..


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Aoa. The differential diagnosis of pain in lower jaw associated with left
side of body includes some general diseaes also but not necessary. We may
require a neurologist and/cardiologist. So better to visit. Ask MARHAM for
an appointment.

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