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Can miswak be used regularly for the care of soft or sensitive teeth?


Miswak is a good thing to use but I recommend that you brush your teeth
with toothbrush and toothpaste along with using will find
better results and healthier gums


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Aoa. Miswak is best for maintaining the oral hygiene. For the treatment of
sensitivity, you must consult dentist.


we can not deny miswak as a good source of teeth cleaning as a Muslim. but if you have sensitivity use hi salz toothpaste. brush for at least 5 minutes after breakfast and dinner.


Yaser Ishaq

Miswak is best for cleaning but it will not cure your sensitivity...there must be any underlying cause of sensitivity which u should get treated from dentist


Dear Patient,
Yes miswak can be done regularly,
For sensitive teeth visit your dentist for eveluation.


Theres no harm in using miswak , u can also use miswak tooth paste from Hamdard Laboratories as well

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Yes miswaak is a Gud solution try to use warm water also for gargle


Use medicated toothpaste as long problem of ssensitive teeth is there, use
miswak once problem get settled. Have your dental checkup once as well.


yes definitely! but use gently for prevention of inflammation of gums.


Rida Fatima

Yes you can use miswaq.


yes can b used but it should b soft and delicate..hard miswak can aggravate
the condition...some toothpaste or mouth wash containing potassium nitrate
will b useful...

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