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My daughter she is 1.5 year old has oral cavoty like thing on back side of bottom and upper teeth . It started 3 weeks back and now spreaded to bottom 4 and upper 2 teeth. I brush her daily and some times use children toothpaste , she eats sweet very less. And finishes her milk bottle before bed , she drinks cow and formula both milk . Kindly guide me how can i stop it from spreading or removing. As i brush her regularly 2 times a day

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see a dentist and make sure she goes to bed with clean mouth.brushing is the best but if she sleeps just after taking milk then clean her mouth with wet cotton or use finger brush or place feeder containing plain water to wash out milk from mouth.conault a dentist.


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Your daughter needs you have mentioned that they started 3 week ago there will be not much problem but keep in mind that decay process in children is faster than adults due to softer and non resilient structure of milk teeth.get her treatment done at earliest possible.try to get her teeth brushed after she finishes her milk before sleeping.or otherwise give her a bottle of water afterwards so that the mouth gets rinsed.
If you want to get her treatment kindly book your appointment through marham.i sit in My Dentist near Shaukat khanum hosp. in Johar town Lahore
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Need proper evaluation for a start try rinsing her mouth e every tine she
drinks milk try not to use sugar in the milk.get her evaluated at your
nearest dentist


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Aoa. Contact at 042-32591427, for appointment as the baby has to be examined


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 Respected Parent,
Your baby is suffering from Baby Bottle Syndrome. This happens when she sleeps during the course of drinking milk from the bottle. The milk remains in her mouth and it ferments and causes decay of the teeth. The only solution is to get the cavities filled and in future use fluoride treatment as per instructions of the dentist.

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