What should i do to remove huge hard tarter on my lower front teeth back and cure my gums


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get the scaling done sir.


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i am very scared of side effects of scaling.

9 months ago


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Best thing to do is to see a dentist to remove the heavy deposits. Once tartar is gone , gum condition instantly improves. Important to see dentist because if it is gum disease then dentist can treat properly. If you need advice on a good, ethical and reasonably priced dentist in Lahore , don’t hesitate to ask me.

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What side effects of scaling. If done properly by a professional,there is no aide effects

9 months ago


Xara Omer

Visit the Dentist and get scaling done .
You should not be scared of the scaling as this is absolutely safe for the Teeth and recommended treatment by WHO twice a year .
There is no other way you can remove the tartar proper technique of brushing can remove the plaque ..but for tartar ,calculus and stains you have to seek the professioncal care .
Scaling is only harmful when done with carelessness using excess force ,scracting the enamel and abrading the gums .
Those dentist who knows about the calculated strokes and force , using good quality and right scaler tips they never scratch the enamel and abrade gums .
So choose a wise dentist .


Xara Omer

And you can see the difference in your teeth and gums instantly after scaling just with in your first visit .


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