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My teeth are discolored. They are yellow. I consulted once with doctor and he said that it’s because of tetracycline that you took as an infant or your mother took when she was pregnant. Anyways, my teeth are yellow due to which I feel very bad. I know to know what’s the best option to whiten my teeth? Crown or Veneer? ( I personally don’t like crowns ). What would be the cost for veneers for smilie teeth only? I am looking for an affordable option. Also, where is the best place to get it done from in the best price? Your response will be appreciated. Thanks


Veneers are going to be option for you rather than crowns because its less invasive and cost is different from practice to practice. Visit for proper consultation and pricing


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Well difficult to tell things just on you history.. do get proper check up as esthetic treatment doesn't only involve tooth cutting.. we have to consider many other things
Regarding Veneers there are 2 options..
1. Pakistan made veneers
2. Dubai made veneers


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Aoa. Regarding discoloration of your teeth , kindly dont directly go for veneering or crowning. First option should be teeth whitening then go for any invasive procedure.
Yes veneers are a better option but the case selection for veneers should be very precise which is based onany factors.
Kindly book your appointment from marham for detailed consultation.thanks.


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Whitening isn't of much help when treating tetracycline staining. Crowns obviously are a bit incasive so veneers should be your go to option. Porcelain Veneers obviously are twice as expensive as porcelain metal crowns. If you feel that porcelain veneers are out of your budget you can also go for composite veneers(these are the cheapest option)


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I think veneers would be viable option for you.. we provide veneers for ranging from 15-20 k per tooth.


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Aoa. Whatever the reason is, we've to fix the issue. Your visit and clinical examination will help us to find the best option to resolve the problem. Bleaching, veener or crown all depends upon severity of discoloration. Contact MARHAM for appointment


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kindly visit my clinic first so i'll guide u properly that which treatment is best for u...


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please visit a dentist for better advice


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I can best treat tetracyline stains with bleaching .
But they are few of the cases which can not be bleached rather i have to mask it down through veneers
Both option of composite veneer (in which we dont grind your enamel structure )
And zirconia veneer ( in which little bit grinding is required ) .
Both options will be discussed with you .
I have treated tetracycline stains successfully .

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