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Talk to Dentist on Gum Desease,


actually gums bht swell hain blood niklta ha bht zyada gum teeth chor rhy hain.. roots black ho rahi hain infection barhta he ja rha ha .. morning me munh me blood hota ha... kya meri ye problem cure ho skti ha ..

Dentist in Sahiwal - Dr. Bilal Ahmed
Dr. Bilal Ahmed - Dentist

BDS | Sahiwal

review-stars 21 Positive Reviews

Scaling aur Root Planing Karwain
Dant Brush Kia karain 2 times
Avoid Sugary Food
Limit Carb intake

Dentist in Peshawar - Dr. Yusaf Imran
Dr. Yusaf Imran - Dentist

BDS , MDS (Orthodontics) | Peshawar

review-stars 11 Positive Reviews

Please visit us for a detailed examination

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Umair Khalid
Dr. Umair Khalid - Dentist

BDS | Karachi

review-stars 21 Positive Reviews

it can be treated but you've to visit dentist first for thorough examination.

Dentist in Faisalabad - Dr. Mubrrah Nisar
Dr. Mubrrah Nisar - Dentist

BDS, RDS | Faisalabad

review-stars 3 Positive Reviews

Aoa, deep scaling krwain soon as possible, otherwise apky teeth hilna start ho Jain Gy .

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Abdullah Karamat
Dr. Abdullah Karamat - Dentist

BDS, PGT | Lahore

review-stars 76 Positive Reviews

Yes. You need scaling of your teeth and gums

Dentist in Multan - Dr. Muhammad Abubakar Malik
Dr. Muhammad Abubakar Malik - Dentist

BDS, RDS | Multan

review-stars 7 Positive Reviews

Deep Ultra Scaling is the Treatment of Choice in this Case , Visit your Nearby Qualified dentist as soon as possible . Delay in treatment may cause mobility of your teeth with time

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Osama Shoukat

deep scaling needed kindly visit your dentist ...or visit us

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Kanwal Memon
Dr. Kanwal Memon - Dentist

BDS, MPH-R | Karachi

review-stars 2 Positive Reviews

Scaling polishing krwaen ap, ye masla thk ho jaega.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Neha Shoaib Saya

Of course, your problem can be cured. Visit a dentist asap, get deep scaling done and an OPG to check for root caries.
Do neem garam pani with salt rinses thoroughly as many times a day as you can.

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Lt Col R Ammad Ahmad Butt
Dr. Lt Col R Ammad Ahmad Butt - Dentist

BSc, BDS | Lahore

review-stars 32 Positive Reviews

visit ur dentist for complete evaluation and treatment

Dentist in Topi - Dr. Nida Asif
Dr. Nida Asif - Dentist

BDS | Topi

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

Yes it is curable. Visit a dentist nearby ASAP . Get your scaling and polishing done twice a year. Improve your brushing technique. In most young patients, recession can be associated with wrong and vigorous brushing technique.
At home, you can rinse your mouth with warm water +salt in it . Plus watch your Vitamin C intake as well. Vitamin C is good for your gums .

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Taj Mahmood
Dr. Taj Mahmood - Dentist

BDS | Lahore

review-stars 3 Positive Reviews

Get scaling n root planning...at home increase your brush timing

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Zafar

Visit your dentist for a thorough Checkup and x-ray.
Your dentist will advice best possible treatment for gums, teeth roots and dietary advice.
start brushing Gently after every meal and reduce intake of carbohydrates and drink more water.

Dentist in Islamabad - Dr. Omama Fatima
Dr. Omama Fatima - Dentist

BDS, C-Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry | Islamabad

Assalamualikum. please visit your dentist, the history is suggestive of the gums disease. Any tooth paste or any supplement wouldn't help you till tge root cause is identified and treated. Visit your dentist, get a thorough checkup, you need Scaling for the aforementioned problem in addition to any other treatment your dentist suggests. Regards

Dentist in Peshawar - Dr. Yusaf Imran
Dr. Yusaf Imran - Dentist

BDS , MDS (Orthodontics) | Peshawar

review-stars 11 Positive Reviews

Please visit us for detailed examination and treatment

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Anza
Dr. Anza - Dentist

BDS | Lahore

review-stars 6 Positive Reviews

Yes it curable you should visit near by dentist and get your scaling and polishing done

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Yasir
Dr. Muhammad Yasir - Dentist

BDS, FCPS (Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery) - R | Lahore

Gum diseases are common in young pts now a days due to casual attitude towards maintaining oral hygiene.brush twice a day,floss your teeth & use mouthwash for sometime.consult a nearby dentist for improvement of issue.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Ameet Kumar
Dr. Ameet Kumar - Dentist

| BDS | Msc in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | | Karachi

review-stars 2 Positive Reviews

Appke gum ka problem kisi bhi dentist se jaake checkup karwaye aur saath hi daanto ki safai karwaaye

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