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I want to go on and get a jaw surgery for my underbite or if necessary even for my upper jaw, but I'm actually concerned about the aftermath of jaw surgery, the recovery period to be precise.I heard people get their nerves damage, sometimes even complete numbness to some parts of their lips or chin e.t.c.And how often are people diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia after their jaw surgery? And does it heals overtime or not.In short I just want to ask how often does the jaw surgery goes wrong and if it doesn't work out fine is the damage definite or recoverable.


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Who told u to go for jaw surgery? By looking at your pictures,there is a chance we can treat your case without surgery. If you're interested to get your case evaluated,kindly visit my clinic,or any nearby dentist to get a second opinion


Consult with orthodontist Dr junaid lakhani jmdc or Dr baber fjdc


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My question is simple .. why are you going for a surgery for this protrusion
Can you send me your opg and ceph . May be you wont require surgery.
In short you are asking for post operative complications.


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Try to search for dr mehmood haider or dr marveyn hassain ( karachi) . they
are efficeintly doing jaw surgery cases.