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Please help me in resolving this embarrassing problem of bad smell from mouth despite brushing my teeth regularly.I am a married lady and doctor by profession but im unable to figure out what's the actual problem is. Please help me as out of embarrassment i cant talk to my husband properly.


more than 90% chances of bad breath is poor oral hygiene ur teeth must need cleaning. kindly visit ur dentist or visit us if u r lahore based....
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A common cause of bad breath is gum disease. Visit a dentist for a thorough cleaning of your gums if you havent in the last 6 months.

If your gums are not the problem, there could be a GI issue.


Salaam. it's not a big problem. please visit me at cantonment General hospital saddar from 8am to 1pm.

Dr. Imran Zia - Dentist

B.D.S (pb), R.D.S, C-Implants (Korea) | Lahore

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Aoa dear. It's really an embarrassing situation. There are a lot of reasons
for bad odour from mouth. For example, xerostomia (dry mouth), that can be
mamaged by increased water intake. Other may by mouth breathing while
asleep. Another may be gingivitis in which there are bleeding gums while
brushing or when awake in the morning. All this needs a clinical
examination. If easy, contact me at 042-32591427, for appointment.


Mouth odor can sometimes be a big problem for many people.

The most common cause of mouth odor usually are

*Poor oral hygiene
*Plaque and calculus deposits
*Uncontrolled diabetes
*Stomach problems(like reflux disease and so on)
*ENT infections
*Fasting creates a specific mouth odor as well during ramzan.

You need to identify the problem first.
You say you brush your teeth regularly. But did you know that major source
of bacteria is on the tongue. So you should brush your tongue thoroughly
Always brush your teeth and tongue after meals three times daily.
Get your gums checked to rule out any periodontal problem.
Use mint flavored mouthwash to rinse thoroughly after tooth brushing.
Avoid food stuff like garlic if you are planning on socializing.
If this does not work....
Sometimes tonsillitis ,throat infections and nose allergies can cause bad
mouth odor so it is advisable for you to get them checked.
Stomach problems may cause bad mouth odor as well so you need a gastric
consult especially if you have frequent heart burn or acidity problem.
In case of uncontrolled diabetes there is a typical smell that you need to
be aware of and get your sugar levels checked if elevated get your self
checked by a medical specialist.

Hope this helps. ..

In summary first identify from the above mentioned problems if it matches
you and correct that. If there is any confusion you can always visit a


Dr. Mishqat



there are many causes of oral malodour or bad breath that needs to be
excluded despite of bad oral hygiene which is the major cause. theese
include sinusitis, any dietary habits use of garlic, onions, dry mouth,
stress, multiple caries or cavities, hence you need to be clinically
evaluated use plenty of water, fresh juices, aquafresh mouthwash,
antiplaque chewing gums these might reduce the intensity of the

Dr. Khurram Nadeem - Dentist

BDS, MCPS, C-Ortho, C-ImPlant | Lahore

There are multiple causes of bad breath , oral mal odour or halitosis.
Starting from oral health issues like plaque tartar or calculus to gastric
issues ENT issues or medications. In my opinion you should contact any oral
stomotologist / oral physician or any dentist near you for effective
diagnosis and assessment.

It will be better InshAllah , Don't worry.
For more information or appointment with our consultant you can talk to our
specialist @smile line

Dr. Khurram Nadeem
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Nauman Zaheer - Dentist

BDS (Orthodontics) | Lahore

You are suffering from gingivitis so get your scaling n polishing from dentist.Use regular mouthwash it will reduce gum issue which is responsible for creating halitosis/bad breath



look bad breath causes is poor dental hygiene, digestion problem, dry mouth or any infection. if u going through any of these first try to eliminate the cause. Moreover, i advice u to take more vegetables, fruits , bakery products rathr than taking spicy n oily products. u feel the change gradually!


Use mouth wash and try to consult ur nearby dentist so that the cause will confirm if there is plaque/tarter then it must b clean first.


You shoud visit a dentist soon, u will need scaling and polishing and a
good mouthwash will be prescribed.


Thanks for your query, can you please to send me a clear picture of your teeth, specially lower ones lingual surface (from inner side)

Dr. Asifa Iqbal - Dentist

BDS,M.Phil Oral Pathology & Microbiology FCPS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery(II) | Lahore

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Please have consultation with ur dentist. Improve oral hygiene by flossing

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