Need Braces For The Second Time

I got my braces at the age of 12 from New Hope Dental Clinic. The doctor was very careless and didnt align my teeth properly and did many blunders along with a failed root canal. Now I am very skeptical and afraid of going to the wrong doctor for my braces as it is both very expensive and painful. Are you a qualified orthodontist so I may consider coming to you?


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sure.u can come to me.
my clinic is at Saba commercial ...u can take address and visit.


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What happened to you is unfortunate. However, a patient's narration is usually different from a doctor. No doctor will ever want his/her case to go wrong. anyway, you need to leave it all behind and get yourself retreated to put things back on track again. I am not an Orthodontist and you should seek a specialist orthodontist's help. If you want, I can suggest a few names whom you can go to for help.


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If you are in Lahore , visit Dr Fuad Malik at R & R packages Mall , defence.


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We at surgi-Dent are providing the best solutions for malaligned teeth we
have a qualified orthodontist for our Procedures .. no general dentist will
do the procedure only specialist will do the treatment so feel free to
visit us!..


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Assalamo alaikum

Probably u had ur treatment done by some quack/non-qualified person.

I am a consultant endodontist/ restorative dentist not an orthodontist.

For your ortho problem, consult an orthodontist.


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We are a qualified practice with all the expertise. You can visit our
dental office or call at our clinic no.s
Smile Line Lahore


Reply :

What happened with you was not a fortunate incident. Regarding the past experience we have empathy for you. Our team comprises of a consultant orthodontist and looks up all the cases whether simple or advanced and has good clinical experience under his belt.
We are available at ORAL SQUARE (A complete family and cosmetic dentistry) Address: 8-D Block Commercial Area Valencia Town Lahore. Monday to Saturday. 2-9 pm
You can visit us at the above mentioned time by getting an appointment.


Xara Omer

Yes sure you can come to Dental Art
56/3 kareem market Allama Iqbal town
Contact No 042-32591427,
You will be checked by Prof .Rana Mudassar shameer khan .
Professor of orthodontics and Principal of Islam Medical and Dental College .
You will be in Expert hand and need not to worry about his expertise in orthodontics .
This is a specialised clinic where advanced Implant cases , fixed braces and Aligners are being duly practised since 13 years .


Umber Shafiq

Yes sure you can come to my clinic which is in Muslim town,in my clinic Dr Asma shafiq is doing ortho she is qulified orthodontist and head of department in ortho of LMDC Lahore.


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Aoa. Hope you fine. I've practicing for the last 20 years. I'm sorry to
know all ehat happened. I can say anything after examination of your case.



For root canal related treatment you can call Dr. Saqib (BDS, FCPS Operative Dentistry). he is Really good in this field.

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Kindly come and discuss so i can check condition.
it need clinical examination and some x-ray then i can tell you according to your condition. we have proper orthodontist at our clinic