Teeth Bleeding

I'm hashim from saudi arabia riyadh city. So I have a problem with my teeth since two years, when I washing my mouth than start bleeding on my mouth if have good medicine for this issue kindly give me best thanks.


Maryam Sidddiqui

Have you visited a dentist ?


BDS, International Fellowship USA, DDS, C-Implant | Islamabad

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Unfortunately most of the dental problems need to be seen by dentist first where he can prescribe medicines or treatment accordingly
If you need a short term temporary advice than I will suggest kindly buy a teeth irrigating cleaning machine which is called Water Pik or Water Jet or any brand available in your local market it flushes and clean all the teeth and deep spaces between
the teeth which you can't clean with regular cleaning tooth brushes
secondly start doing fresh soft Maswak along with your tooth brush and Water Irrigation
As far for bleeding gums you can start any good tooth past for bleeding gums like Paradontic tooth paste etc